Adult Some Shit

It’s the last week of school. I mostly finished grades on Saturday, after about 6 1/2 hours of plodding through the last bits of crazy leftover blah while on cold meds. My homeroom has one last assignment to get through in the first 30 minutes of class, before they have to hand over their Chromebooks. As part of today, I have to get their assignments in the gradebook by 2 (my prep is before that, hallelujah), entertain two periods without actually teaching them anything, be trained on how to take care of our health-challenged students (again), sit through a staff meeting (although it should be short), and go to the doctor to hear that stress and lack of sleep (oh sweet dear I wish I could sleep normally) are something I should stress and lose sleep over. Plus how she wants to change my meds to something that either dehydrates me or makes me pee all the time, neither of which work real well with my existence. The other thing she wanted last year was for me to get a shot once a month, another difficult task with my schedule the way it has been. I’m not sure why I thought life without kids would be slower or easier.

I’m doing it wrong. This week is not the week to analyze one’s life, though. This week is the one you survive and you come home and there’s nothing to grade so you can finish a book (hey that trick with putting the iPad in airplane mode worked! I finished the book yesterday even though it expired on Saturday night.) or finally feel like ironing stuff, except you’re sick and you’re tired and keep getting chills or hot flashes or some variety of both. So there’s that. I’ve scheduled about a million appointments for next week, avoiding Wednesday, in case curriculum committee meets then (which seems really unlikely at the moment), but none of them are early in the morning, because I really really need sleep. I went to bed early last night, but my brain wasn’t having it…between it and the dog barking at invisible invaders, there was no hope of a decent night’s snooze.

I did finish up a lot of things yesterday that needed to be done, though…that is always a positive feeling. Moved some stuff, tossed some out, packed some up…the stuff I have a hard time doing during the school year. There’s never enough time.

We watched a long movie over two evenings, and I stitched Palestrina-knot stems…

IMG_5077 small

There are going to be 96 of them. I am more than halfway done with them. They’re not hard…I just have to think every time of what direction I’m stitching, so I can flip the quilt the right way. Simba is very helpful during this process.

IMG_5084 small

I have two full sides done, one long, one short. I don’t think this thing is a square…

IMG_5085 small

Then each ball needs stitching. We’re gonna be staring at this for a while. It would be nice to have it done…and in the to-be-quilted pile along with the last one. Maybe I should do some of that too. I remember what stopped me before was needing a thread that was thicker for the wool, so it wouldn’t sink down into it. I wanted the thread to show. I guess I could ask someone who machine-quilts wool.

I did finally make it into the studio for a short bout of ironing things. I’ve been avoiding it because I haven’t felt well enough to stand for long periods of time.

IMG_5086 small

Stupid cold and chills and ugh. I ironed some thread, a pair of scissors, and a camera. Not a lot really. There’s still a huge pile of Wonder Under lying around. Maybe I’ll feel better tonight. If not, then I will just get a little done each night. It’s no rush at the moment.

In January, I did some embroidery on two blocks for this group…finally saw one of them show up in a quilt…bottom row, second from the left. I thought about outlining a gun on the right, but didn’t want to mess with the young artist’s idea.

IMG_5079 small

I’m considering embroidering for them again. Not until my head is straight post-school. Usually takes about two weeks…about the amount of time I have until jury duty starts. Ugh. Can’t stitch at jury duty, unfortunately. No scissors, no needles.

Girlchild is working hard with no camera (water issues). Boychild sends pictures when he feels like it…which is when he sees cool things…like bison…

IMG_5088 small

And these guys! I’ve never (that I remember) seen these in the wild…

IMG_5089 small

But there they are, just by the side of the road.

IMG_5090 small

So cool. I remember spending an entire 2-mile hike staring up into the hills as I walked, hoping I would see one. Makes me want to ditch the last 4 days of school and get in the car and just drive. OK, there’s a lot of things that make me want to ditch the last 4 days of school, honestly. But no, I am an adult and I adult things. I’m gonna go adult some shit right now.

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