By a 99-Cent Store She Closed Her Eyes*

Ugh. Mondays hurt sometimes. Maybe if I had slept more, but no, school creeps into your nighttime sleepy brain and keeps poking you with a taser until you can’t help but stress out about the 17 million things you’re supposed to do. Today. Before noon. I did make it through the 62 emails about late work that I had from November 13 on. So there, you little widgets.

So we went to Lake Arrowhead for about 24 hours to hang out with my parents and the family we used to always have Thanksgiving with…so I hadn’t seen many of those folks for quite a few years…that was a good thing.

It was a gorgeous day, no need for long sleeves, beautiful skies and view of the lake…

IMG_9403 small

Apparently it was snowing last year, but I missed that one…

IMG_9407 small

And there’s the inevitable after-dinner slump…this picture could be any year, just move in one dog or another. That’s my dad. And Katey. Or however you spell her name.

IMG_9418 small

I started cutting stuff out Saturday night (after I finished grading the major project…graded in the car on the way up and then finished in the living room at Arrowhead)…

IMG_9428 small

We came home to happy animals…

IMG_9434 small

Who probably missed us. Maybe.

I did two nights on this, both in the chain stitch area on the top left…although I added some stem stitch and buttonhole stitch to fill the space.

IMG_9437 smal

And I did a few hours of schoolwork: finished a worksheet, panicked with my co-teacher via text, did warmups, and dealt with those 62 emails.

Then I started cutting stuff out. I didn’t have the brainpower to copyedit…that will be tonight.

IMG_9439 small

Puppy was very tired…

IMG_9441 small

I know you just come here for the puppy pictures…

I cut for almost 4 hours, on top of the 2 hours from the night before, so just so you know, this is what 6 hours of scissoring (not that kind) looks like. On the left is the massive pile of stuff I still need to cut out. On the right is what is done. In the bag is all the trash bits, in case I need to cut something tiny out later that I lost.

IMG_9442 small

It happens, all too frequently.

Here’s side views, so you can see that the to-be-cut box still looks like it’s almost full.

IMG_9443 small

Oh yeah, I’m not even halfway done. No way. And I want to be done by Saturday. Uh huh. OK. Well. A girl woman can dream. I hate it when grown women are called girls. Or when our boobs are called The Girls. Sigh. I hate it when I have to justify not having taken my ex-husband’s name when I got married and then having to change it back. Just throwing that out there. Not sure why all that was in my head. Really it’s better if it’s OUT.

Anyway. I’ll be copyediting and cutting stuff out tonight. You can count on that.

*Tom Waits, Hold On

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