I Hope They Didn’t Get Your Mind*

Well OK. So I often have plans to get stuff done and it just doesn’t happen. It seems to be more frequent right now. I seriously did plan to get a lot done last night and all of a sudden, it was midnight. It started with staying a little later after school, trying to get a bunch of stuff done. We have girls applying to a science camp, and we have to manage applications, plus we’re trying to finish designing this huge engineering and design project. I like it to be as clean as possible before the kids get in there and show us all the stuff we did wrong or didn’t scaffold enough, so I keep trying to think through what they’ll need or how they’ll misunderstand shit. But my brain is fuzz at the moment.

You wanna know how much fuzz? These were yesterday’s socks. That was not on purpose.


At least they’re related.

I came home and thought I might work for a while (last period of the assignment from hell, only because no one followed instructions) and then put the binding on, but I’ve been grinding my teeth for days, and that’s stress. And for stress, my best cure is exercise. So I did that instead. It was a good choice; I know that, but it would have been smart to have had dinner already in the fridge, because then I came home and cooked. By the time I finished eating, it was 9:30. Not so good. I sat down to do the two stitches, one from the day before and one for yesterday…I got halfway through and my SIL called. And then the boychild texted me because his voicemail wasn’t set up, so then I was on chat with AT&T, getting that set up. Came back and finished the stitching…well, with help from the ear cleaner on the left, who stole my spool of thread at some point…and the other one, who wanted to sit on my lap.


Let’s see…I did the light stitching around the blue french knot flowers above Prosper, and there was a little thread left, so I filled in the p. Then I did the buttonhole stitches with French knots above Live, and with the extra thread, I did lazy daisies in the herringbone stitch above it.


Still filling in. Then it was midnight. Seriously. WTF? I needed more than that. I went to bed, because dammit, I was tired…and then 3:30 AM, puppy starts barking. After 30 minutes of it on and off, and then realizing I could hear whatever it was, AND Kitten was guarding that weird door I have to the entry area, I opened the front door to this guy.


You sir are why we can’t sleep at night. Calli and I know you are a wild animal and not a threat, although I am still unclear on the fascination your family has with my roof (seriously, this is the baby…I didn’t see Momma), so we can mostly sleep through your shenanigans. Simba, though, has a tiny little brain and thinks you are aliens attacking and will bark frantically until you are quiet. Some of us have to work in the morning, dontcha know? Ugh. This morning.

He is cute though. She? Hard to say. I have no training in sexing raccoons.

So nothing. No drawing, no binding, fuck the world. Seriously. Tonight needs to be better. It’s a good thing I haven’t emailed the photographer yet. Because Not Done. So Completely Not Done.

OK. Today is a new day. And it’s a Friday. It could be good. Eventually. First I have to deal with 130 squirrels high on candy while I have limited sleep reserves due to a raccoon. Yeah. My life.

*Milky Chance, Stolen Dance

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