Got So Much to Lose*

SLOG. There’s a point when there’s so much that needs doing that it all feels like a slog. I’m in SLOG mode. I should sit down and read my book or draw some more or shit, I even forgot to stitch last night. Wow. Yeah. Sigh.

When I left for work yesterday, I realized that moss was growing on my driveway.


Maybe that happens all the time where you live, but I live in a desert climate. It doesn’t even make sense. But we’ve had a lot of rain, and some parts of my driveway are not drying out…not getting enough sun. Two to three inches more of rain tomorrow aren’t going to help.

I was trying to plan part of my Spring Break trip. I needed a visual.


Very specific. What I really needed was something to look forward to. Spring Break is really late this year, and I’m already in Slog Mode. Not a good sign. Then I graded for close to two hours…


Sometimes I wonder about my job.

Dogs were being annoying…I really just needed to get work done. I didn’t get home early enough to walk them. Poor guys.


I finally got to trim the quilt, after 10:30 at night…


Simba really is no help. It’s not a small quilt, but it squared up pretty easily, hallelujah.


I had bought two binding fabrics because I just couldn’t tell in the store…


Turns out the lighter one worked. It was the one I liked better anyway, but I kept second-guessing myself, because I usually go darker with the binding. But this was it.


And now it’s all cut and ready to get sewn on. That’s tonight’s task…


That and grading another assignment. I might go to the gym too. Because I think I need it. Certainly when everything feels this much like a SLOG, it’s time to shake it up a bit. It would be good for me.

*Cage the Elephant, Trouble

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