A Safe Place for All the Pieces That Scattered*

Skipped writing on Saturday again. I got up and worked and worked and worked until it was time to leave. Starting to be a pattern. Friday night, I graded for 4 hours, so I didn’t have much to show anyway. That’s why I got up on Saturday and got the binding on the damn quilt. No excuses. And emailed the photographer and told him I’d be done tomorrow. (I’m not done…but I will be.)

This is what grading on a rainy Friday night looks like (OK, it was pouring and the biggest storm in 20 years was pounding San Diego, and I had flashlights on the coffee table in front of me because power had been going out around town, and the dog kept barking at the wind noises, but you get the main idea.)…


I made it through a pretty big chunk of the science units…still one period to do, hopefully tonight. There’s about 4 other assignments though, so I shouldn’t start celebrating yet. Just the two biggest are almost done. A relief in that…been grinding my teeth over these (and other things). Need to remedy that.

I did the lighter pink in the bottom right corner, some fly stitching that turned into french knots and stars in the cretan stitch until I used up all the thread.


Then I put the binding on…it’s about 384″ of binding and sleeves that will need to be hand sewn down now…


There were moments of sun, enjoyed by kittens everywhere, but especially this one…


AQS has not figured out that I don’t want their mail. I still have friends (and people I barely know) send me photos of their mail back to AQS, telling them no, because of their censorship of me. That’s cute. I like that. I didn’t want to waste a stamp on it (I did look to see if it was postage paid)…


Then I headed out to the living room to do some of the hand stitching on the binding. Kitten helped by holding down the science units I’d already graded.


Honestly, I was really tired and it was late afternoon, not my strong point. I took a short nap. The dogs were up really early.


But I did more of it later that night while watching some movie…


I realized it was sunny and raining, turned around on the couch, and saw this…which my phone camera could not capture in all its beauty…


And then my ex sent a picture of Simba…for all you who think he’s oh so cute, this is what he does at my ex’s house…


Oh yeah. That’s cute. Kinda glad he doesn’t do that here.

Anyway, I have another 3-day weekend, the Other President’s Day…so I have tomorrow off. Lots of grading and hand-stitching in my plans. Plus the quilt needs ink and ironing and de-hairing for when the photographer can take it…and then I need to finish the drawing that I’ve been staring at for days. I keep adding small stuff, but I don’t have a final plan for the whole thing. Getting there though…not as far as I wanted to be this week, but hell, this whole year has been like that. I’m just trying to get through it all without too much insanity. Kinda my mantra this year.

*Indigo Girls, Love Will Come to You

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