Last night was just blurry. All the pictures are blurry. My eyes are still blurry this morning, not enough sleep. But I’m almost done dammit! With so many things! Tracing and school. Yeah. So I have 9 minutes before I have to leave for a student thing (yes, on a weekend, unpaid), but this is how I roll. If you had 9 minutes, you might stroll through Facebook or play your game online, or maybe you’d throw in a load of laundry (that would be smart, but I only do laundry on Sundays), but I sit down and START writing a post, even though I know I won’t finish, because if I get a draft on here with pictures, while I’m standing around at this student thing, I can maybe write the rest of it! No seriously. I guess I don’t have much down time.

And yes, I’m looking forward to having most of 8 weeks off (it won’t all be OFF, for sure, because school trainings are poking their ugly heads in already). It will be nice to not be panicking on a Sunday afternoon about prep for the week, it will be nice not to have to consider grading papers EVERY SINGLE NIGHT (seriously people, that’s how it rolls). I would love to come home and NOT think about my job, but that is such a rare occurrence…we really do need summer to recharge so we can go at it balls out for another 10 months. I work every Spring and Winter break. I work through Thanksgiving. I work almost every weekend during the school year. Summer is a fucking relief. I can’t afford to go anywhere, but at least I can relax for a time. I figure we have about 183 days of school (actual days, not counting weekends) and I work for at least 1-3 hours almost every night or morning during the school year, so that’s an extra 366 hours a year (or 9 weeks of 40-hour weeks…I don’t ever work a 40-hour week). Plus weekends probably average 4 hours of work…So let’s say 40 weekends times 4 hours is another 160 hours or 4 weeks there. Honestly, we work a full year of hours in less than a year and don’t get paid for those extra weeks of work. No paycheck until August! Whoo!

So yeah. Don’t begrudge me my time. Jealous? Hey. Come teach my class for a week. This week! I dare you.

So I traced last night…getting into the low 1800s.

DSCN0495 small

I’m up into the head area, so only about 150 pieces left. I want it DONE.

So I can then spend 15 hours cutting them all out.

DSCN0500 small

Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? Plus reading books and drawing and sitting on the deck and long hikes and not having to deal with school!!! OK, my brain is already on vacation. I still need to finish grades and I have 46 more awards to type and print out, and there’s a field trip and the last day and I need to come up with 500 cookies. So it’s not free time yet…it’s still in overdrive.

Midnight does not do overdrive.

DSCN0508 small

OK. Gotta go now…I’m a minute late.

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