The Mindful Sloth

AHHHH. Spring Break. I feel relief flooding through my body. Calm waves wash through my brain. OK. Wait a minute. Not yet. First I have 700 errands to run this weekend to get ready for camping and hiking on Monday. In fact, I got home, exhausted, yesterday, beyond tired, sat on the couch and fell asleep for about an hour. Then I got up and went hiking boot shopping! Yay! Yup. Bought boots and new socks and new inserts. Had gift cards and my dividend from when we bought the boychild all those winter things. Paid for almost all of it. I’m very excited.

Today includes tires and checking a tent and figuring out what we’re missing and dog food and dog meds and shit I don’t even remember at the moment. Plus an art opening…which I’m hoping is as good as all the hype around it. We’ll find out I guess.

So last night, after figuring out food and eating something and grading for a while, because honestly, grading is going to be a big part of my time “off” (it’s never off, is it?), I went back to cutting tiny pieces out. I really REALLY thought I’d be done last night. Really.

Fuckin’ A.

On the left, stuff that’s cut out. In the middle, the scrap pile. On the right, what’s left.

DSCN0163 small

Bloody hell. I was tired. It was midnight. I couldn’t do it. Tiny little fussy pieces. Maybe an hour at the most. Couldn’t do it.

DSCN0165 small

I cut for almost two hours last night. Should have started earlier? Except when. How. Whatever. So 7 hours in…just a bit to go.

And there’s the grading. Actually, that is only a small portion of the grading. I have a pile on the couch and about 300 things online.

DSCN0166 small

And there’s the cat too. So there will be lots of that going on over break.

I haven’t cleaned up my photo files from last March yet, so this is what I was working on a year ago…

Mar 19 15 004 small

The big Earth Mother quilt. That was a fun one.

Nida008 copy small

I still want to draw a more naked sister to this one. I liked drawing it. I could work with this. But there’s other stuff ahead of it…and two shows coming up in the fall that I might want to enter. Have to look at those today. Maybe today. I’m having a big flailing morning for sure. Cannot get motivated to do shit.

I do occasionally go back and read previous posts from last year, just to check my mood and stress levels. It’s useful because it reminds me that this happens every year, that March kicks my ass and Spring Break has a lot of grading, but I make more art, and I never ever ever catch up on house cleaning and yardwork, and there are X number of days left in the school year and they will be stressful, but I will make art to save my sanity, and maybe I will hike and do fun stuff as well. So yeah. It’s all good.

I am going to make a serious effort to return meditation to my daily practice over break. And to draw more. And to try to relax. Much as I can. I’m just not very good at it…at walking away from all the Have-To’s for any period of time. A significant failing on my part. OK. Well. I might function better with food. And a shower. At least I’ll have some chance of getting out of the house with those behind me. Maybe. Today I am like a slow-moving sloth. Just moving that arm as slowly as possible. Mindfully! ha ha ha. That’s it. I’m moving slowly because I’m being mindful about everything I do today. Yup. That’s it.

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