Painting with Fabric

I used to post every night, for almost a year. It helped me sleep, and I was having a hard time with that, getting no more than 4 hours a night. And at some point, my brain switched back over and allowed me to sleep without the brain dump in the wee hours, so now I usually post in the morning, before week, setting my mental tone for the day. I don’t know which is better. I know I get more sleep when I post in the morning, because I don’t stay up late writing AFTER my brain is done making art. So that’s how it rolls.

But I’m on vacation, so my brain’s kinda messed up anyway. I don’t usually post on Sundays, but I know I’ll be traveling and possibly out of phone range for a little while, so I figured I’d do this now. (What’s funny about this is that I got distracted last night and never finished. I remembered once I got into bed, but there was no way I was getting back up to finish it. So here it is…in the morning again.) I don’t want to start the next phase of the quilt I’m working on right now, because it would mean leaving parts of it lying out while cats were looking for something with which to wreak havoc. So I’ll start that when I get back. I spent some time grading today, just to get some of those 26 hours out of the way. I did the same thing yesterday and Friday night. Two assignments are done and in the computer. The two giant ones, unfortunately, are still staring me in the face. I figure there’s a good 20 hours in those and the other assignment I have left. Then there’s a small one…it won’t take long.

But first, I’m going to break in my new boots and try to relax for a few days. If that’s possible. I have a ton of pictures from two openings last night, but no time tonight to resize them, so that will have to wait as well. I did finish cutting out all the pieces to this tiny (for me) quilt on Saturday, so that was a plus…and then today, I sorted them into bins…

DSCN0248 small

That was just the beginning. It took just under an hour. There’s a lot of tiny pieces in this quilt. Ironing it is going to be a bitch, I think. Not sure. Maybe not. I also managed to sweep some leaves and take out the trash. The yardwork on this place alone might kill me in the next two weeks. I’m hoping to be efficient, but I get side-tracked by artmaking and it sweeps all the household To-Do lists right out of my head.

This is from Saturday night, one of the openings I went to. This is my quilt Primal Scream

IMG_5998 small

It’s actually pretty old, but I didn’t have much available for the show and this was in the Grossmont show, so I had just taken it down. Plus the show was about the Power of Feminine Energy, so it seemed relevant. The show is up in the Centro Cultural de la Raza in Balboa Park here in San Diego through April 3, 2016. There’s some really good work in the show, but again, like other shows, more curatorial presence would be good. It’s an interesting space, being in a round building. I don’t know what’s in there usually, because I’ve never been inside (that I remember). But it was not a bad venue for a show…just really loud and kind of uneven.

Ironically, the other show I went to, I had lots of friends in it (which is cool), but it was a higher level of competency. And I thought, hey, self, how do you get into THIS show? I’ll have to ask. Although there were no other fiber artists in either of the two shows. It really is a painter’s world out there in Artlandia. I try to describe my work sometimes as painting with fabric, but only to those who are thinking of their grandmother’s pieced quilts. Because it’s not like that at all. So I say it’s a painting with pieces of fabric. Think about an art painting on the wall but no paint is involved. Unfortunately, I don’t think the art world in general believes what I do is a painting, so I’m always fighting that. And the quilt world thinks what I do doesn’t really belong either. Rock and a hard place. I think if I took my drawings and turned them into paintings I’d be fine. And it wouldn’t take as long. But I don’t like painting and I do like the texture and complexity that fabric and quilting fabric brings to the piece. So I soldier on.

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