What I’m Looking Forward to…

I did some math yesterday, some rough calculations, and came up with 26 hours of grading that I needed to do over break. Ugh. Seriously? I thought I was “caught up” (you’re never caught up until June). So I graded last night. It was frustrating because the iPad is getting increasingly slower and slower and I didn’t bring my school computer home. In fact, I was going to bring it home for break to help with all these assignments, but now they’ve told us we can’t because they’re doing an inventory. It’s amusing to me that they think we don’t NEED the damn things over break. I guess, yes, I could sit in here, in my office, to do all the grading, but I like to be mobile, to be able to go where I want to do this stuff…by where I want, I mean the couch. Way warmer, more comfortable, and I can watch TV while I grade, which keeps me from screaming.

But no. That will not be allowed. Whatever. I’m so pissed off at my school and district at the moment that I can’t see straight. Good to get a few weeks’ perspective. And I applaud the teacher who is able to relax for these two weeks, to do nothing school-related or home-related, but my two weeks look busier than the two weeks before break in terms of the to-do list. Not to mention those 26 hours of grading. Fucking job. Eats you alive.

I’m still doing this…

DSCN0160 small

There’s always a point when it seems never-ending, like I will be cutting things out forever. And sometimes I am…it’s been over 20 hours of cutting before. This is a small quilt though, despite the numerous pieces. So I’m 5 hours in and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

DSCN0161 small

This is all that’s left…I briefly thought I would finish last night (ha!), but then reality kicked me in the head.

DSCN0162 small

Reality isn’t a very nice thing sometimes. Kinda rude. 26 hours. Sheesh. And the fact is that while I’m teaching, I’m often grading at the same time. While students were watching a video yesterday, I was getting through the project grades that I could, but I have a huge pile of paperwork that’s coming home as well. I guess I can do those in front of the TV. Depressing though.

So fuck that. This is what I’m looking forward to: camping and hiking, sleeping in, peeing when I need to, napping if I’m tired, reading books, not dealing with other people’s children, going on walks during the day instead of when I’m exhausted after school, straightening up some of the shit around here that’s been driving me crazy that I never have time to do, making art. Hopefully getting this tiny quilt done and starting the next one. Which is bigger. And less insane. I suspect it will end up being more alone time than I need or want, but I have too much work to do around here to be out socializing every day (because that’s how I roll…yeah…not a particularly social person).

And now. Now I am going to school to take 140 kids on a field trip to the science museum. I have meditated (but not sufficiently) and have some caffeine in me, so hopefully I will survive it.

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