Take a Deep Breath. Take 20.

Some days, you just come home and wish you could take the dog for a walk or sit on the deck with a cup of tea and your book (my book being on the iPad). I came home and did bus lists for the field trip. And then tried to make my scanner behave so I could prep some paperwork for the unit after break. And considered the crazy I’ll be dealing with today. I really should be meditating every day.

And so I did…

DSCN0159 small

I just did it with scissors. On the left, the pieces (tiny little fucking pieces) that I’ve cut out. In the middle, all the trash. I don’t toss it until the quilt is ironed, because sometimes I need some of it, or I’ve tossed some pieces in there by accident. I found two pieces on the floor last night. Don’t know when that happened. On the right is what I have left to cut.

So progress. About 2 1/2 hours of it. Because at some point, you can’t run at 110%. Everything needs to rest. Recharge. With electronics, they often tell you to occasionally drain the battery and then recharge the device. Except I’m not sure that works with humans. I do know most of the teachers around me are drained…possibly as of two weeks ago. Pretty sure you’re not supposed to keep going without recharging. And yet we do.

I have to leave early again today. I’m counting the hours I think until break. Seriously. I was in tears last night over the damn scanner thing. Ironically, I have a new printer with a scanner included that is sitting here on the floor, waiting until I have time to install it. And the scanner isn’t really the issue…it’s Windows 10. Fucker. So yeah. Praying to the teacher goddess this morning. Please o great one. Bless me with sanity today, enough presence of mind not to yell swear words at a child, and not to burst out into tears. Take a deep breath. Take 20. Take some Motrin. And keep looking forward.

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