The Golden Nugget of Spring Break

I have a friend who’s experiencing some of the same uterus stuff I did last year, when I thought I was going crazy. Sometimes I still think that, but I know it’s the hormones fucking with me. I have kind of a PTSD about the uterus at the moment right now. Even though the organ itself is mostly calm and well-behaved (well, as much as any uterus is), I still tiptoe around waiting for it to rear its bloody head up again, torturing me with its presence. It reminds me of this regularly by causing random pain and suffering, but also I know deep down that it is in charge of the hormones that rampage through me, making me cry through the stupidest stuff, things I didn’t even consider weep-worthy a year or so ago. I figure I’m still riding the last year roller coaster of menopause and hope that the moody crap mellows out with age. Maybe I will never mellow out with age. Who knows.

But when I look at the batch of drawings I’ve done without a purpose or theme, ie, for a show I know I want to enter, then there she is…that tiny organ, so evil sometimes, so dastardly…looming over me. You can track my life through my quilts. The females still cry a lot…well hell, so do I. On top of that, the girlchild is going through some major trauma at school. Mama Bear in me wants to fly out and fix it (it would probably get violent), but you can’t. So I worry about her. Luckily she’s very vocal and lets me know what’s going on. I’m worried, but she can handle it in the long term.

I finished ironing the wings last night. I was still debating wing fabrics in my head until I pulled open one of the drawers of black fabrics and two popped out at me, part of Mariah’s stash, long skinny pieces…I had a lot of one and not very much of the other. But it didn’t take long to iron all the feathers down, and then that was it. Here’s the 71 fabrics I used…although a couple are hiding because I don’t have very much of them left.

DSCN0155 small

The ranges are always very similar. And yet the quilts don’t look the same. It took 9 hours and 39 minutes to iron 800-something pieces.

And then it was still early, so I started cutting them out. They’re freakin’ tiny…

DSCN0157 small

But I got a lot done in about an hour. I’d like to have them all cut out by the weekend. I have a ton of stuff to get through this weekend, some of it prep for camping and hiking next week, but also probably will need to go in and clean out my classroom. We have a field trip Friday and two parent meetings (I swear, if I get another crazy request for a meeting this week, I might kill someone), so lots of work stuff going on. Today the major project my students have been working on is due and I had a ton of crazy online last night related to it. I can see when the kids are working on certain documents in Google Classroom and sometimes it worries me. That said, if a kid spent 5 days of class time doing diddly squat, then last night was probably a rough one for them if they actually want to turn in the assignment.

Today will be rough for me too as those who didn’t work show me the panic. Whatever. I’ve got a plan for the rest of the week. And although I’m not caught up with grading, I’m not as far behind as I was the end of February. This little quilt? It has to be done in two weeks though, maybe faster because it needs photography. That’s a little scarier.

OK. Parent meeting. Tired. Really tired. Trying to be healthy in mind and body. Trying to keep an eye on the golden nugget of Spring Break…right over there.

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