That’s All I Can Do…

Woke up to a giant headache, massive, bigger than the space in my head. I’ve backed it off slightly with Motrin, adding caffeine to the mix. The dog was convinced at 3 AM that she wanted to swim. I ignored her. And when I heard the vomiting at 4:30 AM, I put my pillow over my head. Seriously. I’m not dealing with that until I’ve had a shower. Good thing I waited. It’s gone now. Dogs are disgusting but useful.

So I’m not at my best right now. I even went to bed early. Hopefully food and caffeine will help, although there’s some chance this is chiropractic and/or weather-related, both things I can’t do anything about. My chiropractor retired and I had to schedule with a new one and couldn’t get in until next week. Sigh. Damn, I feel it too. The neck and shoulders are a mess. I’m sure it helps to sleep with a pillow over my head to drown out sounds of vomit.

I finally finished grading the first unit for my students, and it was a classified natural disaster in one period…natural only in that if you don’t do any classwork, it will be natural that you might fail. I’m handing them back today, and I’m sure 47 kids will want to know if they can make it up, and the answer is no, do it right the first time. As a culture, we love our do-overs, don’t we? Except you don’t always get a do-over. And do-overs double my workload. I’m already buried. It’s just not realistic to think you can always make it better after completing it. Sometimes you have to try harder the first time and then own the work you did.

Not sure if that’s philosophical or not. I’m still under the influence of that headache.

We went to a talk about the zombie brain last night…it was great. Gave us lots of ideas for future zombie science teaching. Instead today I’ll be teaching boring old DNA. You know, the instructions for life. DNA shows up in a few of my quilts. Sometimes it’s a simple bracelet on a wrist. Other times it’s large and in your face.

So that means I got home late…it was totally worth it, but I sat there again on the couch, trying to stay awake…this time, I managed to cut out some fabric though…

Oct 14 15 004 small

Except I was lame and missed the two pieces on that strip of fabric that is lying on the couch. Toldja I was tired. One more to go. Then I can iron. Unfortunately, I have a long, exhausting union meeting tonight. I would love to come home and have the energy to walk the dog, but…yeah. Who knows.

This was the morning sky. Some of the headache might be due to the thunderstorms that are supposed to arrive tonight. I would walk in that…totally.

Oct 14 15 003 small

Well, I’d love to consider the things I might get done tonight, and I truly wish that I am able to come home, sans headache, exercise, cook a healthy dinner, and then iron some things together in an arty way. But I have to be straight up and admit I don’t have much hope for all that at the moment.

I’ll do what I can. That’s all I can do.

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