Time Keeps on Slipping…

Getting there. I am getting there. Despite a long day at work (union meeting went on forever. The only plus was all the grading I got done while I listened to the crazy), I managed to come home and get some stuff done. Not everything I wanted. Never everything I wanted. But sometimes it’s OK to just get a little of what you wanted done. No walking the dog…the meeting went way too late. I did a little grading…figured I did a lot at the meeting. Some days I feel like all I do is grade papers.

And then I got the last of the small quilts cut out…

Oct 15 15 001 small

It’s actually got like 112 pieces, so it’s not particularly simple. But I like it.

Then after coming in the studio and working on computer stuff for a bit, I started ironing…this is Cat 5…

Oct 15 15 002 small

She’s darker in real life…don’t take photos at night!

Oct 15 15 004 small

But she was quick enough to do. Probably took me longer to pick the background than anything else. Oh yeah, and I lost her back foot somewhere. Don’t know what happened with that, but I had to cut a new one. So that was extra time.

I price these little quilts based on how long it takes me to make them, so I’ve been keeping track of the time. I think I’ll have to make an Excel spreadsheet for the data. Last time, I had a hand-drawn table on a piece of paper (so old school). It’s nice to compare them…pretty much it works out that the more pieces it has, the longer it takes, but I had one bird last year that was just a pain in the butt to put together for some reason, so it took more time.

I have another meeting tonight, so who knows when I will start again with the ironing. I’m tired, and that always makes it harder. It’s funny, because at midnight, I’m rarely tired. I get a second wind that actually makes it hard for me to sleep. I’m sure some doctor would suggest I go to sleep when I feel tired, but then I’d be in bed at 5 PM and wide awake at 2 AM. Maybe that’s how my body should work. It’s so foreign to consider living that way though. I have friends who get up super early in the morning, some at work at 7 AM or earlier, and I know I can DO that, I have had to do it for previous jobs, but ugh. It meant I came home and was still braindead until around 6 PM, and then I had to go to bed earlier because I had to get up so early. For someone like me, it was not conducive to an art existence.

I got photos yesterday from two shows where my pieces have landed, part of traveling shows. One was the St. George Museum in Utah, where Celebrating Silver is for the next few months. No photo of my piece. Nice. I’m paranoid because once my piece wasn’t hung due to nudity, and no one told me, until one of the participants went and noticed the two nude pieces weren’t there. The group in charge never told me. So if I don’t see it in pictures, I’m not sure they even hung it. If you go there, tell me you saw my piece. Please.

The other exhibit is in New York, at the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts in St. Bonaventure. This is People and Portraits. The space looks nice and open, and I can see one of my pieces…

camera downloads 239 small

It’s on the far right (Fully Medicated). It’s way more nude than the other one, so I assume they’re both hanging.

This weekend is the Visions: Interpretations opening, and I will be able to take photos there, so you’ll see those here eventually. And hopefully someone will go to the San Jose Museum opening of Earth Stories and send me photos. I’m not going to Houston this year, because nothing is traveling there. Oh well.

So hopefully tonight I’ll iron more cats or hearts or whatever. Honestly it doesn’t matter what…as long as I’m doing something. And sometime soon I need to sit down and make some decisions about the next two deadlines and what I’m going to do for them. Time keeps on slipping…

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