In One Go…

Ah Friday. Cinco de Mayo. Happy celebrations to you if you do celebrate it (and I don’t mean all the white people who just use it as an excuse to get wasted). Me? I will just celebrate that I made it through another week at school, although yesterday was a doozy. It was actually pretty fine (say that like it’s the 70s, because it WAS pretty fine) until the fight we had to break up, which threw my adrenaline outta whack and then I still had lab stuff to prep after school, which I did OK with, but then came home and had to zone out with my book instead of going to the gym. I did do my physical therapy exercises, so that’s not nothing, but I hate when the day job wipes me out like that. In one go. I’m trying not to predict today, but I know I’ve asked kids to do some hard stuff AND it’s a full moon AND a Friday, so who the fuck am I, tempting fate?

I am a middle-school teacher, ever hopeful. Would’ve quit years ago if I weren’t.

Simba’s back is hurt…or hurting. Some of the puppy’s shenanigans probably, rolling him over. So he’s on bed rest, which he quite likes until there’s something to bark at. Stuck here with us, instead of traveling with his boy, which he doesn’t like. Although he slept just fine with me last night. A dog, two cats, and a snoring man in there somewhere, who I eventually rolled over so he’d stop long enough for me to fall asleep. Is it Friday for real? I’ve been off by a day all week somehow. And grades are due Tuesday.

Here’s Simba on pain meds…

He was drooling earlier. He’s doing much better now. Expensive dog.

I’m really enjoying sleeping under a handmade quilt…made by me…for the first time in my life. Weird, I know. Just thought I’d throw that in there.

So ironing is really fun at the moment, so fun that I’d rather do it than grade stuff. Unfortunately, I have to grade stuff. I did two things last night and then started ironing around 9:30 PM. That’s my hard stop for school work stuff. Most nights. Wednesday night, I did the easy button and all the wires going down to the pigoon, and then did the human-faced cat.

Not much actually, to take almost an hour. You can’t even see the wires on the teflon sheet, but this is going on a dark blue background, so it will be visible.

Then last night, I ironed the wings down…

And then I took that whole huge section of base and torso and pigoon, and I rolled it up and got it off the ironing board. It was getting unwieldy. And the stuff I’m doing now can be attached to this later. The head and fourth arm will fit easily enough, plus there’s a bird in the sky and a butterfly. Making my life easier.

Then I started the steampunk butterfly, but didn’t get far…

Kitten will confirm there is a lot more to this butterfly than I’ve done. I had to sort the next 100 pieces, though, so I’m ready to go tonight, once I’m done grading things. Which might be when hell freezes over. It’s OK, climate change may take care of that.

I’m in the 1200s, barely, with the stuff I did last night. Less than 400 pieces to go. Not finishing tonight, for sure, but hopefully getting a good chunk done. I’ve got two dueling meetings tomorrow, plus I wanted to go to the local plant sale and for a hike. But grades. So IDK how much of that I’ll get to do.

Anyway, off to manage the last day on some academic projects, hopefully to get some stuff graded while they’re working. Hoping for no fights today (or at least not in my vicinity), hoping some of the worst of them are absent. Just for a day. Right eye twitching away. Next week starts state testing. And interviews for our open science position. And meetings about a possible new literacy program. And a few afternoons where I won’t have to teach and I’ll get to have lunch out or delivered. That’s a treat for teachers. Hopefully a bit more relaxing than it has been. We’ll see.

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