All About an Arm…

Middle of the week. Already. Getting through the workload. Sort of. Dog is feeling off…needs the vet. Meeting this morning…parent realized after three months that their kid is doing nothing and ditching classes. Fun stuff. Ironing is still happening…I think I hit the 2/3s mark last night.

Monday night was all about an arm…

OK, two arms. Put the code on her arm and then started building the other one. The code stands for something. It’s written down somewhere. Binary for something.

Then last night…

Fingers with lots of rivets, plus a pigoon. A what? Ask Margaret Atwood…but they’re smart.

I’m in the 1000’s…about 30 left of them. So about 500-550 pieces to go. Maybe ironed down by the weekend? Or ON the weekend…which is already booked up. I was looking at last year at this time, and I had time for the SD Book Crawl and a hike and lots of art. The Man was up in Kennedy Meadows, working, getting ready for his hike. I was making art and who knows what else. This year feels much more hectic, which is funny, because last year was pretty rough due to block scheduling and having the same kids together in all the same classes all year. There is no normal any more.

I had the dentist yesterday, then had to buy some fake fur for school, for a lab (they always ask you what it’s for, so I told them). And then went to visit the ex’s new puppy again…she’s hyper as shit.

But also cute.

Meanwhile, poor Simba feels like bleck. So I’m calling the vet when they open, on the way to the parent meeting that is a waste of time (sigh). I can’t find the paper examples I used to have for what I’m doing in 8th grade; luckily my co-teacher had a pile, but she doesn’t remember doing it (she must have, because I don’t recognize any of the kids’ names). Mine must be in the classroom somewhere; I just don’t know where. One more place to look. I don’t know what I’m doing in 7th grade…oh wait, the thing we finished yesterday. Yes, that’s how it’s rolling here.

OK, gotta go to school, do the things, hope for some ironing tonight.

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