I Will Be a Grownup

Woke up this morning to a really annoying noise. My alarm. All right all right all right. I hear you. Ugh. My fault for going to bed a little late (time flew), but also Friday. The first week back. It should be an interesting day…Ramadan ended and there’s this big party that goes on, Eid, after Ramadan, and a lot of our kids don’t come to school. Interestingly, a lot of them didn’t come yesterday as well. I’m not blaming 420, because that would be crazy, but it’s certainly an interesting coincidence. We’ll see if they show up today…or even next week, because some of them just don’t. I guess that’s OK, because a goodly chunk of those showing up have forgotten that grades exist, which will be a bit of a shocker for them when their parents see their grades. You know. It’s been a rough week for all of us, sure, but for some special kids, I’m not sure what’s going through their heads.

I’ve spent most of the week trying to plan next week or even a bit further ahead than that. Can’t get too far, though, because the school board is still stupid. Also trying to get stuff copied (paper and copier issues). And graded! I’ve been doing a little every OTHER night. Last night was a big no…by the time I got home and done with my Zoom and dinner, I was too exhausted. Wednesday night I managed it though…so hopefully tonight will be a yes? If not, the Man is working tomorrow as well (ugh) and I can just do it then. Knowing you need another break from your job when you just had one? Hmmm. Yeah. My co-teacher and I were finding work examples from times gone by, and reading the names on the assignments brought back feelings of goodness…plus man, the work was so good. Yeah, I know, we only saved the good examples (true), but still. I don’t have as much faith for this crew on the same assignment. We’ll see. I have a really hard time giving up on any one kid…which I guess is a good thing considering my job, but I will be surprised if I get more than two good examples each period this year. We’ll see. They have three more days. The pro is that because of the Zoom year, I have a digital version, so I’m pushing that out to all the absent kids. Back in the day, I would have just excused them from it because I didn’t have another option. Then they miss the learning and the potential for a grade. Now? Not so much.

In quilt news, the last one is at the photographer after last night, and this one has been sorted and is ready to iron together. Which is exciting. The sorting was NOT exciting…it was a long pain in the ass, a necessary pain, but a pain nonetheless. It took two nights and almost 2 hours and 45 minutes.

That’s a long time to be dealing with little tiny pieces. I had to pick it all up, stack all the boxes, in between the two sorting times or cats would have been living in these, jumping out with a million pieces stuck to their fur, dropping them all over the house.

The first night, I got all the bigger pieces out and sorted, which left the tiny ones for last night…

Luckily I had a quilty Zoom call to force me to keep going. There’s over 1500 pieces sorted, ready for ironing.

That’s some tiny shit. And that purple v-shaped one on the left? I’m pretty sure it’s in the wrong box. I do that. I read the number, think about what box it should be in, and then between reading and thinking and actually putting it in the box, my brain rewrites the number. It doesn’t do it often, luckily, but it does. Need the brain firing correctly to do this stuff. How do I know it doesn’t belong there? There’s a whole bunch of them in another box. Probably it should be there. I’ll figure it out while I’m ironing.

So tonight, hopefully I’ll have the energy to start ironing it together. I want to. It doesn’t feel like it right now, though. Right now, I’m not sure I have the energy to walk down to the car.

Ah well. Gonna have to, whether I feel it or not.

Yesterday before school, I remembered I needed some enzymes for the DNA activity, so I made those…

And at the end of the day, I knew I’d need a snack to get me from school to the photographer, and I had this little pie we’d bought as a treat on the Arizona trip and I’d never eaten, so here it is…

It was OK, considering it cost $0.79. Yeah.

Wednesday night, I was trying to meditate before sleepy time, but these guys…

I wanted to turn the light off, but couldn’t reach it without throwing them both off…

Eventually Luna left because she heard her Daddy, so I could stretch out a bit for the lamp switch without tossing the old lady off. Not so much last night…she settled by my head and I tried to encourage her down the side, and she got pissed off and left. OK then. My bed anyway, y’all.


More owl videos.

There was more screeching last night…but also lots of videos with rodents in beaks. Someone got dinner.

Good to control the rat population.

Ugh. I’m really wanting to just grab the current book, ignore the three emails I’ve seen already that will need time and energy to answer, crawl into a hole somewhere, and read for the next 8 hours. But no. I will be a grownup and go teach ecosystems and DNA and deal with my exhaustion with caffeine. But ironing at some point this weekend. I’m not sure how I will find the time, but I will.

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