At the End…

Hello very dark in the morning. I do not appreciate you. Sorry. I’m up early to go to the doc for my stupid knee. I’m not happy about being up early. I tried going to bed a little earlier, and then my brain remembered all the things in the world to be anxious about, so that went well. Then it woke me up at 4:30 because it might be time to get up (it wasn’t). My brain and I are barely speaking these days, though, so I guess that’s par for the course. I’m just hoping for a host of referrals to specialist things that I can hopefully schedule over Winter Break (Ha! I’m gonna bet none of them can be scheduled until well into next year) and then solutions to the knee would be lovely.

My office calendar is still set to November y’all. Not a good sign.

In good news, I managed to finish cutting out all the pieces, about 8 hours total…

And then last night, I sorted them…

And started ironing.

Feels good. I like this part.

School was hard, but only in the afternoon…mostly because of this, although I didn’t get to go to this…

Just half of my kids did. Yeah. Well. I get to go in April? Maybe.

Monday night’s sky.

At school still. Ah well. This week. And next week. And then I’m off for three. Hallelujah.

Gotta go. Today is busy and long. But hopefully more ironing (and maybe a nap) at the end.

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