Messy Around the Edges…

Ah yes. You should know that fully half the things I thought I could get done yesterday did not happen, but I did send 20 emails with mostly (hopefully) correct information about schedules. I remember now what I hate about sending the same (mostly) email to every student…finding all their parent emails, making sure I change the things that need to be different. It’s just time-consuming. The extra communication we do because it’s all online is a lot. My co-teacher is planning to leave her computer at work (she is going in to her classroom) every weekend. IDK how I will possibly do that and get everything done. I will try? Aack. We’ll see. It’s hard to find work/life balance as a teacher no matter what, but when it’s happening at home anyway, it just gets ugly.

I did get a few things done yesterday that weren’t work-related. I persuaded my sourdough starter to be happy and on my fourth loaf of bread, I might be doing it right. Of course, I haven’t cooked it yet, so WTF do I know?

This is what the weather app was saying yesterday.

Today it puts the high temp at 98 with a real feel of 108 (I can vouch for those real feels), and then Thursday will be the highest, with rolling blackouts from our electricity company. Now to clarify, I don’t have air conditioning. We sweat and run fans. And sometimes just stand in the open doorway of the fridge. I could put the computer in there and see how that works. I might have to go to school for a few days…I’d rather not, but we’ll see how it goes today and tomorrow, which are prep days.

Every day, Calli begs to go in the pool to fetch pine cones. She can only manage 4 or 5 short fetches (only one tiny swim, mostly just reaching out)…and then she’s tired.

Then we sit out on the deck until she dries off a little. I was doing bread prep during this time, so I kept getting up and going inside to mix something or so stretch and folds, but often I try to make it a break in the day, so I will read. Sometimes I don’t have the brainpower for reading, though. We all get that way. It has to be later in the afternoon, or the deck is too damn hot, so it will hopefully correspond to ‘after school’ times.

We watch a lot of hummingbirds out there.

Sometimes they hover right in front of me, trying to figure out what I am? I am never smart enough to get my camera going for those…too fascinated by their closeness.

Am I the only one who is going back to work full time and trying to figure out how to still make sourdough bread on a regular basis?

It was 10:30 PM when I finished the school emails and dinner and all the other things. That’s when I made art. I needed to sort the Wonder Under to make it easier to iron them all together.

Nova wanted pets, so I did that first. Then sorted…it only took 43 minutes, and that was with a dog-peeing break in the middle.

So much for getting ironing and cleaning done in here yesterday. I sorted.

And then it was late and I was hot and tired and eventually (too late) went to bed. I heard it sprinkling briefly around 5:30 AM, but it was dry by the time I got up. It’s cloudy right now, which is delightful and I hope it stays, but it probably won’t. Ugh. My hair is hot, my bra is hot, everything on my body is hot. I was looking at this slide show of teach-at-home spaces and was relieved that mine is not the only one that was messy around the edges, but I didn’t see any set up by a pool…which makes sense with the whole water/electricity thing, but I don’t know why I can’t teach poolside. Like computer on the side, me in the pool. It could work.

Here’s Kitten dealing with the heat in the paper box…

And my morning view. Ugh. Too early.

At least it was pretty. OK, working all day at things…weird because usually one of the major things would be putting my room back together, and who the fuck knows when I will do that again. But there is plenty else to work on…all on a computer, unfortunately. Then a break to wet the dog. I don’t know what MY exercise looks like this week, unless I walk in the dark (it’s a thing). And then I will clean up in here for real this time…I did start yesterday. I organized the remaining pieces for Etsy and cut the felt backings and put the felt back in the garage to get it out of the way. So it’s not that I did nothing. It just wasn’t enough. Hopefully today I can start ironing to fabric.

School starts in 2 minutes. I should pee.

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