This Is Getting Done…

Well I must be getting better. I stood up all day yesterday…well, I had one dizzy spell in one class, but they might have been the cause of that. That unit is now done; so is the assessment. I’m ready to move on. I did finally finish grading the current assessment, just in time to do the next one. (cries into her cereal) Ah school. You hurt sometimes.

I have grades due Tuesday. I’m actually pretty caught up, although not done. Never done. I probably should have done more last night, but I didn’t feel like it. Also, I had to keep my office door closed all day yesterday so the kittens couldn’t mess up the piles I had. Apparently my cat complained about that…or maybe she was just out and about more because she couldn’t hide in here. Hard to say. Either way, I wanted to get them ironed last night. So once I was done with that assignment, I went in the office…the studio…that room that’s my hideaway. And Kitten’s.

I found all the last bits of fleshy pieces and laid them out, and then started ironing out each fabric…

Most of them didn’t have a lot of pieces…

The lightest two fabrics, I didn’t think I’d have enough fabric to cut them all out…as you can see, I used a good chunk of fabric 2…

But there was some left…everything fit…although there wasn’t much left…

Fabric 1 had a little more left…

So that was a positive thing. Although I would have just found a second fabric with the same value and used both of them. That’s an interesting challenge in itself.

Here’s where I’m at right now…all the fabrics used so far plus the pile of stuff that needs to be cut out.

I’ve finished ironing all the flesh pieces down and all I have left are all the funny little bits in the body…the lungs and heart and stuff. I did iron the bones and the uterus…at which point, I was pretty tired, so I went to bed. I probably could finish tonight. Then cut them all out…then start ironing together. It’s progress.

I’m tired. I’m still recovering. I’m getting better. This is getting done.

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