In-Between Stages

Remember that quilt that got stolen and returned? I’m still salty about that. Makes me want to punch someone in the face. Well, that quilt got into another show, and in packing it up, I found some minor damage, proof that it went through some trauma. I have to admit to not looking very closely at it when I got it back…the stress of having sort of lost it was too much for me to process a lot of info. I pulled it out last night to prep it, and realized that when they yanked it off the wall, off the slat that was bolted to the wall, they put stress on the binding where the sleeve was attached…so a hole there needed to be resewn…

And on the other side as well…

I had to resew the bottom of the sleeve on one corner as well. Not a lot. Just a little. It would be nice to know what happened, but I guess I never will.

There was also some dirt on it, probably from being in the trash, so I had to spot clean some areas…

I think it’s OK. I’d just like the perpetrator to at least pay me back the angel money I gave to the wonderful woman who fished it out of the trash and called me. That seems fair. But life is rarely fair. I’m glad to have it back…it means it gets to go on to another show.

Back to the title of this post…the current quilt is in a real in-between stage at the moment. The plus is that I finished ironing all the Earth parts and everything around it. That means last night it was time to start ironing the fleshy bits…and there are a lot of them. I picked a run of 7 fabrics, but I don’t think I have enough of the lightest and second lightest, which could be interesting. I haven’t really dealt with that yet, because the flesh fabrics start in the 400s and go all the way to the 800s.

You can see there are some large pieces in the two lightest fabrics right there. But this isn’t even all of them. It’s the body and the head, but only one of the arms, because it was almost midnight and I still had 100 pieces to sort through and I still wouldn’t have had time to iron them all without staying up for at least another hour and a half, and that’s not a good plan when you’re still recovering from being sick. I managed school yesterday by sitting down and rolling around the room a LOT, and today will be even higher maintenance…so much so that I was dreaming about how to manage it (ugh, why do I have to DREAM about school as well as live it?), so I don’t need to overdo it at this point. I actually used the sentence, “This is your Come-to-Jesus Moment” in class yesterday. Multiple times. Yeah. I know. Apparently you don’t have to work when the teacher is gone.

Sigh. I sigh a lot for school. Anyway. Tonight I can iron. I can finish finding all the flesh pieces, figure out what other fabrics can work for the level 1 and 2 in the flesh, and then iron them all down. All that after finishing grading yet another assignment tonight. Yeah. Yes. OK.

When I’m sorting through and finding all the actual flesh pieces, there’s all these left over for later…hearts and lungs and hair and whatever isn’t flesh.

There’s a lot of that at the moment. All that will need choosing at some point. Probably not tonight.

So I had to cover all this last night because kittens…

Would destroy this in an instant. I don’t like leaving it at this stage, but hopefully it will be OK. Hopefully I will be too. Meanwhile, I have a parent meeting this morning and a tiring day ahead. Lots of sitting? I don’t know how I will do that. But maybe I will. Based on yesterday, at some point, my body will make me whether I want to or not.

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