I Ironed. On Purpose.

Have I talked about lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, enough times? Yeah that. It’s amazing the contortions my brain will go through to keep me awake. I don’t remember what it was last night, but it was stupid. Today my absent team members come back, luckily, because I think our kids were about to explode. Or maybe they already did. My science co-teacher is leaving for two days though, so I have a long to-do list of shit I gotta get done before she gets back. Which is fine. I have time…unless someone forces me to teach my prep period. Ugh. Not.

Sometimes my brain is just in overload. I entered a show last night and the printout I made months ago had one date on it and I was all irritated because I had a piece that was just a month over the deadline, and I hate not having enough work to enter for reals, but some part of me made me look it up online…sure enough, they’d revised the date and that piece slid in. Poor piece…it can’t get in anywhere, which I don’t get, because it’s a nice piece. Ah well. Now it has a chance, eh?

One more entry in next week, which I’m debating, because holy hell, they’re charging $25/entry. That’s expensive. We’ll see.

I finally got to the doctor yesterday for that weird blood sugar blip in January. Her conclusion? If it happens again, we’ll worry. If not, keep doing what you’re doing. My A1C is awesome (no idea why). I’ve lost weight (no idea why). And she got my blood tested for the tetanus titers, to see if they’ll have to try to give me a shot this year. Not looking forward to that. It’s been 20 years since the last one? I think? I had a temperature of 105 degrees 20 years ago, I couldn’t move my arm for about 3 days, and all the lymph nodes on my left side swelled up rock hard. That was a step up from 10 years previously, when I just had the fever and the achy arm. It gets worse every time. Anyway. Hopefully the titers will still be high and I won’t have to think about it for another 10 years.

I also finally finished grading all the makeup work I have, except for a few easy peasy ones. That feels better. Today I start the giant project grading, which scares me. My co-teacher and I talked about it yesterday a little bit, though, so hopefully it won’t be too bad. I only have 4 videos turned in from 2nd period though. Well. It’ll be fast? Maybe?

OK, so artwise last night, I only ironed. I thought about drawing, but I wasn’t in the mood. It’s all about my mood. I wanted to do some stitch down on that weird body I did, but that doesn’t need to be done as much as the other stuff at the moment, so I persuaded myself out of that.

See? Color! Lots of orange and yellow added in…plus those lovely purples.

I’ve ironed most of the 200s at this point, and I’m still not in the Earth. I did some birds rolling around and the sky around the Earth. I need to do a few rockets and a volcano, I think, and then I’m in the Earth itself. It’s so weird to do the figure last, but it makes sense if you look at how to construct this piece in the end.

Sigh. See here’s why I couldn’t sleep. First of all, Australia is still burning. Second of all, I live in a very scary and incredibly stupid and increasingly damaging country. The environment, human rights, my future in terms of health insurance and jobs, plus being able to leave a decent world for my kids or their kids or other people’s kids dammit, because I teach other people’s kids all the time. My head was in circles over this. Plus I got my ballot in the mail yesterday and now I have to decide something. (I’m actually one of those Decline to State…wait, I think they call me Nonpartisan now…but I got a Democratic ballot, because that party will let me. I would have gotten a Republican ballot if they would have allowed it. Strategic voting. Sigh. DOUBLE SIGH. Because it all sucks. Every damn bit of it.). And we use too much plastic and drive too much and then my co-teacher and I were looking at this trip to Costa Rica, all ecotourist and stuff, but you have to FLY there and there’s so much waste and I was at the doctor and they use these weirdo brushes for Pap smears now and it’s just more plastic that has to be trashed.

So that. That’s why I don’t sleep. It’s not the artmaking. The artmaking helps some of that slip away.

Ironing more tonight, I think…although I have to pack for our trip and do laundry and IDK what else. Buy trees and pick vegetables (Imperfect Produce, not actual vegetables in my yard…I’m not that talented) and go to pilates.

Have a sleepy, cold kitten.

Luna is sweet as hell sometimes. Mostly asleep.

Nova hasn’t figured out how this is supposed to work…

Oh well. It’s soft.

Finally remembered to post this…

This is Connected at the Hips…it’s 52″ wide by 53″ high.

I like it. That’s all I really have to say about it right now. It should have been finished in November and I didn’t finish it until January. That’s a whole ‘nother issue, but I think I’ve beat that crazy.

OK, off to school, where kids are supposed to be hard at work and focused all period (ha!) and I will walk around and help people and hopefully get some grading/prep done while that happens, when in reality, you know that a bunch of sweet children (I was going to write idiots, but I know this is brain development and society and parenting and learned helplessness and a whole host of other crazy educational shit that I’m supposed to be able to fix all by myself) are going to choose to be off task and driving me bonkers. Or it could be really awesome. We’ll see.

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