Running Low on Butter…

I had this terrifying (school) dream last night. I hate those. For some reason, I went out to lunch during the school day (so unrealistic…lunch is 30 minutes and includes peeing for the first time in 3+ hours and eating lunch after getting everyone out of your classroom), and ended up in some sort of weird protest/trip in a bus/possible performance art thing with a teacher I really don’t like and doesn’t even work at my school any more (shit, now y’alls are tryna figure out who THAT is) and she was all chill and meditative and so was I until I realized my class started in 10 minutes and we were miles away and how the fuck am I getting back and I’m running, literally RUNNING to class, but all of a sudden, I’m running up my childhood street (Mirasol!) and toward my old high school, but you know how when you’re running in a dream, it’s like the street is lengthening or you’re being held back or something crazy like that? And the phone rings, and it’s the AP Secretary wanting to know if she should get a sub for me, and I’m like NO, I’M COMING I SWEAR, just drop someone in there until I get there, but the street is like quicksand and I can’t even move.

So there’s that. Helluva a way to wake up this morning. Too early. The man is at work this week and I went to bed late because I wasn’t tired yet and I was on a stitching roll and I just didn’t want to (petulance noted). So I got woken out of this dream…nah…nightmare, groggy, WTF is that noise (the shower), and UGH. Yeah. Well. Should go to bed earlier, but I know my brain. Lying in bed, TRYING to fall asleep is not a thing. I mean, it’s a thing, but not a good thing.

Speaking of school, yesterday’s post hit a nerve with co-teachers, that’s for sure. I still have most of that one big assessment to grade and ALL of the other one. Oh well. And all the makeup work. It won’t all get done. I did end up going to the gym yesterday, which was lovely. I love the gym. I’ve missed the gym. Somehow I need to figure out how to balance the pilates and the gym and the hikes. There’s so little time for all of those. Boychild and I are trying to figure one last hike out for this week. I do have to go to school today. Well, I could go to the copy store or I could try to print rubrics here, or I could break into my co-teacher’s house and steal the extras she has, because we didn’t divide them evenly enough and I am 21 short. Fuuck. Also I need to go buy paper if I’m going to try this artist book thing for an upcoming exhibit. Plus the kittens have worms and the dogs eat their poop, so now I need to call the vet about whether to worry about THAT shit (shit…hehehe). Sigh. The answer is probably yes.

Yesterday’s drawing…

Very overlappy.

I got 3/4 of the binding done, so I have 1/4 and the two sleeves left.

Time to email the photographer.

Kitten has a special message for all of us…

I’m with her on that.

I woke up (the second time, after going back to sleep after the teacher nightmare) wanting to do an artist’s residency. I’ve thought about them for years, applied to a few. Realistically, I need electricity. I think. Maybe. I just don’t know. I need to be away. It has to be on a school break. It needs to be away from here. Somewhere different. Thinking about that. Always thinking about that. Sigh.

OK, do some stuff today. Get it done. Did I tell you I made 24 scones last night? Three batches…still need to do the blueberry ones. Had all the ingredients (running low on butter though). Froze them all up for the next month of school…if only I could do all the lunches and dinners too. I mean, I know I COULD…but would I want to? Eh.

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