Not the Easiest Way…

Hi. I’m over-committed this weekend. It’s OK. I mean, it’s not. I’m freaking out, I’m anxious, I’m growing those nasty canker sores in my mouth that I get when I’m really stressed, the only thing I’m missing is the eye twitch (knock on wood; I’m sure it’s coming). I’ll survive it. I will. It’s 9:27 AM and I’ve already had a shower and graded an assignment this morning. I’m waiting for my hair to dry a little bit (no hairdryers) and then I’m going to copy the instructions for today’s drop-in workshop. Everything I can think of is packed up (no kitchen sink yet) and I might be ready to do this…crazy shit. I don’t know when I’m going to buy pet food or do the grocery shopping, but it will get done…somehow. Grades are looming like an angry Rottweiller.

These are the three samples I finished…a basic landscape…

A basic house…

A basic flower…

I think I’ll be glad for the experience, but also glad for it to be over. I’ll be glad for getting my grades done too, but that’s not happening today.

While Katie was here, we had to hide all the toys from her. She destroys them. The boychild dumped them all back in the hallway yesterday…

There was some excitement. I tossed two really trashed ones. Grandma and Grandpa brought more to make up for their dog.

I didn’t do any art last night…well, not my own art. I wrote instructions and ironed a bunch of Wonder Under to fancy fabrics in preparation for today. At the end of that, it was well after 11 PM and I sat with the cat and a dog and tried to still my brain.

I’m not very good at that. Anyway. I’m gonna go copy some instructions and maybe buy another iron, just in case. Then I’m going to pack up shit and go teach this thing. I think the hardest part is having no clue how many people will show up. Not the easiest way to start teaching fabric stuff. Wish me luck.

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