Nerds Read Instructions.

Today I’m supposed to dress like a nerd. I think I always do that. A discombobulated nerd who often wears blacks that clash with each other. I found my lab coat. That’ll have to do. Today we start two days of labs…where kids have to read instructions. I know this turns into a clusterfuck at some point, depending on my students…the ones who don’t read the part about 2 spoonfuls of sugar, and instead pour 50 ml of water into the entire sugar container. Nah. No need to kill anyone over that. I think. READ FIRST. We always say that. Like a million times. Anyway. Then there’s the kid who resubmitted her essay (which was late, but at least she turned it in, right?) about 5 minutes after I returned it to her with about 17 sentences of comments and a giant rubric, and I can guarantee she didn’t read all that. So they get a point here, a point there…instead of the big win. Ah well. ‘Tis slow progress we’re making this year.

It’s Red Ribbon Week. We start with moustaches (we moustache you not to do drugs). Most of my team…

I actually found it difficult to smile with the moustache on. IDK how they did that. Maybe it’s just me.

Speaking of slow progress, I was sitting there looking at my most recent rejection (it’s OK. I’m good.) and wondering what I was going to work on next. The drawing I did Sunday night is still a good start for a deadline in January, but I also know it’s a stretch, that whoever the juror is, they might not go for this. I’ll do it anyway, but I also realized that I have another deadline where I usually just pull from what I have, but what I have that fits the size and time restrictions is pretty limited. Huh. Well. So there’s a drawing I did back in 2016 for a coloring book my art group did. Well, I don’t know if I originally did it for the coloring book or it just ended up working for that, but I really want it to be a quilt. I enlarged it earlier this year, or even last year, and even numbered it, but then spilled wine on it or something and decided the pieces were too small…it started as a drawing in a 9×12″ sketchbook. Most of my big quilts start in the bigger sketchbook. So the lines get really thick when you enlarge. I had done it up to 300%, but didn’t think that was big enough. So yesterday, I recopied it.

The crazy story of my driving to FedEx Office twice after 9 PM (and WHY) will be my first November video on the Patreon. It’s pretty funny. Or crazy. Not sure which. Just know I fucked up a few times there. As per usual. So the bottom copy is at 250% and the top is at 500% total (the copier only goes to 400%, so I had to do complicated math. Well. For me anyway.).

Yeah, I know I can pay a bunch to have them copy it full size, but I like to mess with it. It’s also way cheaper this way. It actually taped together really well, until I got to one section.

The thing is, I want to redraw it anyway, because it was so small and fussy, and I want to fix some things. Like I said before, some of the lines are really thick.

But I think this is a better size. So I made a big piece to redraw it onto as well and got it on the light box…

That’s tonight’s project. I’m going to add some things in the sky around as well.

Kitten cleaning action…

She loves big pieces of paper. And string.

Calli sleeps hard.

Poor old lady.

Kitten was all over the place.

Anyway, slowly slogging through the grading still. Plus I’m picking up the newest quilt from the photographer today. Entering another show. That’s what I do when rejected…make/enter something new y’all. Now I’m gonna go meditate so I can handle the Not Reading Instructions part. While being a nerd. (Nerds read instructions.)

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