Not a Problem…

Quilt is finished and delivered to the photographer…

It’s the long one. The short one is getting delivered to a venue for an exhibit that opens next Saturday at The Studio Door in Hillcrest, 6-9 PM.

It’s a little crazy around here. And Kitten was decidedly not helpful last night…

This is me trying to ink the parts that need it. She got irritated when I dragged her off it. It took me another hour and a half of stitching and inking, and then I ironed it and dehaired it and packed it for the photographer. Then I packed up the other quilt. Then I sat down with some entry info, notes from art group meetings about upcoming shows, and a few websites, and made a list of what I might be working on next. That took me until almost 1 AM.

Honestly, today I have a bunch of grading to do and some errands…but I’d like to sit on the deck and draw some stuff. Just because. Although it’s hot and dry and smells like fire (ah, poor Mexico is burning). My eyes are dry and watering. I’m dehydrated and tired. But I’ll be doing stuff anyway. I also need to prep some materials for the workshop I’m teaching in November. I don’t know what that looks like yet, but I’ll be doing that.

Cat with stuffed dinosaur.

Dog in embarrassing situation…

(belly rubbing was happening just before)

Alert dog (he barks at leaves blowing) on my lap…

I was trying to grade while he was doing this. He is known for launching himself over my head to get to the window in attack mode. Small dogs. Sigh.

It’s Red Ribbon Week. I was told I couldn’t draw anything on my door. The kids voted on the slogan (it made me laugh).

(I drew the No Drugs, Yes Carrots sign). I’m pretty sure with this wind that this has fallen off my door by now.

I did like this one. It kinda goes with mine…

I am tired. I need some real food, some tea, and a focus. Going to look at my to-do list and prioritize shit. Artmaking will come eventually. No worries. I have stuff I want to do. Lots of it. I still remember that teacher I had who told me I would run out of ideas some day and I laughed at him. He was way younger than I am now. Sounds like a HIM problem. Not one I have.

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