Right Through Walls We Made

OK. Well I asked my author for more time. I can finish copyediting on time, but I can’t put it all together well and be confident it’s awesome. Plus I might not be able to sleep any of the nights until it’s due if I don’t get more time. He’s a nice guy, so it shouldn’t be a problem, and I usually do everything early for him, but for some reason, this year and this project have just been difficult. So hopefully that’s OK, because I’m not sure trying to teach 7th graders on no sleep is a good thing. Although I did it one year. Long story. Not a good one.

I did finally finish embroidery number 9 last night…I barreled through a bunch of it around the beginning of school and then barely picked it up for a week. There were reasons for that of course. But she’s done!

She needs a bath and ironing, and then her official photo. All of these are available as patterns and kits at Global Artisans…although it looks like the patterns are sold out right now. I’m also going to be selling some of the finished pieces, but I have to tell you, they take me some time to do, so that means they’re not cheap. This took a little over 13 hours to stitch. Not super fast. Anyway. Moving on. That was the embroidery phase of my art life, I guess. I figure now is the time to try out a bunch of different ways to get my work out there and make money, and although I don’t expect much from this, I still think it was an interesting thing to do. We’ll see how it does in the next year.

While I was stitching, Satchemo had his face squished up against my leg and was kneading me with his claws. As soon as I picked up the phone to take a picture, he moved.

No ma’am. I do not want fame or fortune. I am also amused by the man’s socks. First of all, it’s August and hot. Second of all…that plaid. I’m seriously amused.

OK. I am tired. I did not art last night except for finishing that embroidery. I went to bed early, but it didn’t really work out that way. Oh well. My head is spinning this morning with all the stuff I need to get done. As always. Yesterday I went in early to throw 170 textbooks around. Today is a lot of labeling and sorting, because nothing is easy. And then trying to get my classroom organized. Ha! Such a joke. It’s chaos in here. But they’re coming in to make sure it’s SAFE. So locking all the cabinets up again and hiding the hand sanitizer because my kids might drink it (really?) and now it’s the portable toilet we have in case there’s a lockdown and a gun on campus, well that can’t be accessible to children (the logic is faulty, for sure) and I’m not sure where it’s going, but probably in the prep room with the elephant and the zombies. With that, I’m out. Gotta go talk about Mars. It’ll be good. I was going to read to them, but my co-teacher recorded a video and my voice is starting to go. It’s really better if I let her read. Maybe. I don’t know. Tonight, though, tonight I copyedit. It’s inevitable. And draw. A little. I need to draw a little.

*Beck, Colors

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