Stitching and Learning

I’m sitting and listening to a keynote speech about technology in schools while using technology to write this. I made it to the gym this morning…good. I didn’t sleep much…not so good. A comment was made yesterday that a lot of what we hear in speeches and workshops reminds us that we already do some of this. Now how to completely redesign schools so kids learn better. So hard to know where to start.

I stitched on the way up…

We’re in Palm Springs…115 degrees during the day, 104 degrees at 10 pm. Ugh. Not going outside much.

I did get a balcony, which I like.

I even sat on it for a while…in the dark.

Too dark to stitch or draw though, so I came into the cool air and finished this…

She took 14 hours and 45 minutes…not fast. I think this one took me the longest and I almost ran out of the blue thread…and she needs a bath and an iron.

And then I started the next one…

I didn’t get far. Too tired. More later. This one is a desert mother…

Meanwhile I’m trying to figure out how to put a couch in my classroom…and a bouncy rolling chair for me.

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