He Buzzes Like a Fridge*

Apparently 1 AM is the new midnight…in my summer-break brain anyway. Unfortunately, the dogs still want to be up at daybreak. Actually, I think it’s the little gray cat. He wants his breakfast. I want to sleep more better. More and better. Not an option apparently. So hello, last day of June. We are now officially really in summer. July? No question. Definitely summer now. Yesterday’s humidity plus hot flashes…holy moley. I actually checked my blood sugar midday yesterday to see if it was a high or low reading that was making me hot flash. Nope. And yeah, those damn tester strips, I realize every time I use one that it’s 50 cents. That doesn’t sound like much, but the meds along with them add up to a daily cost that’s somewhat frightening. Needles plus insulin plus meds plus tester strips. I don’t like waste. Anyway. They’re just really HOT hot flashes. I need to drink a lot more water on those days. It’s a good thing I don’t live in humidity full time. It’s pretty rare here. Ugh.

I can’t say I was amazingly efficient yesterday. I did wash this pretty girl.

She was dirty. She does like water, but doesn’t really like baths. Proof of humidity was that she was still damp 8 hours later…

I finished cutting out all the pieces for the quilt…

It took a little more than 6 hours…not bad.

Then I sorted them…which was less than 30 minutes…

It’s not a very complicated piece. And it’s ready to be ironed together now. So that should happen starting today. I might try to record that using timelapse for my Patreon.

Then I crashed a birthday party, where I ended up knowing quite a few people (I was with the band)…here’s the singer getting a drink from the bar while singing…

Impressive…it was a pretty mellow show, despite the early awkwardness of a former (I’m gonna say it…abusive) boss being present. He left pretty early though. Most of San Diego saw gorgeous sunsets last night…we were no exception. It was cloudy and muggy all day, so this was a nice reward after all that…

I did start a drawing, but didn’t finish it. Maybe later.

When I came back, it was still pretty early, but I was too tired to start ironing, so I worked on this…which I think is the 7th of the embroidery patterns.

I looked at the clock at one point and realized it was almost 1 AM. OK. Um. Gonna go to sleep. I did this one on Kona Snow fabric. I will try some other colors too…gotta go back to the fabric store. Maybe tomorrow? I’m meeting my co-teacher to plan curriculum (paid hours! What a concept!) and it’s close to the fabric store, although I also have dogs going to the vet for procedures, so there might be some timing issues. It will be fine! I’ll figure it out. It’s not a rush. It would be smarter to wait until I need binding fabric for this quilt and just do one trip…probably also cheaper for my summer wallet. I love being on break, but not having a paycheck until August. Oh yeah! Deep breaths. We just found out that the school work we’re doing over the summer will all be paid in our August 31st paycheck. So that won’t help me get through the summer. I’ll be able to afford to get the trees trimmed then though…so that’s a plus.

That’s about 2 hours of stitching, by the way. This stuff is not fast. Shocker.

This is Mr. Bitey Asshole. OK. His real name is Simba. He’s been nibbling his toes, which usually means foxtails, which are expensive as hell. So we clean the toes. He doesn’t like it.

He’s actually being pretty chill here, but know he just tried to bite my hand off. Sigh. Little dogs can be such dicks.

OK, I have to function. More tea (there’s no 2% milk. I’m not happy about that.). A shower. Groceries. The start of a blogpost for one of the art groups. I don’t know what else. Oh yeah, ironing. Parents for dinner. I need to do my weekly calendar. I’ll go do that first…it helps me focus. It’s warm here. That doesn’t help my brain. I’m rambly as shit.

*Radiohead, Karma Police

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