She’s Making Sure She Is Not Dreaming*

Hello to the first day of 55 days off school. (Ignore the 9 days you will be in planning meetings or at conferences.) The first thing I’m dealing with is my exhaustion. Seriously. It’s bad this year. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s always like this. (It is. Well, I’m always tired. And braindead. For like a week. Sometimes two.).

Yesterday, we kicked the kids out and then piled into a car for the annual end-of-year adult school party…

Yes. Happy.

I actually went to the gym last night. It was glorious. I also read 107 pages of the book that has to be done in 6 days now. If I read 100 pages a day, I will be fine. Then I fell asleep on the couch and tried to find the energy to get up. I finally did around 10:30 PM.

And did this…

New quilt sorted. I’m really really looking forward to the next step. I love picking out fabrics. I need to clean in here first. Ugh. I don’t love cleaning.

I went to bed before midnight (exhausted) and slept in an hour…then into school for the last bit of cleaning up…I moved 5 boxes of hazardous materials out, then put all that stuff on the table into my car for recycling.

I had pulled most of the unit materials down for a reboot in August. We’ve shaken things up so much that it just needs a redo. Maybe the girlchild will help. Ha!

Walking away on that checkout day always feels so good…but sad, because I don’t socialize much outside of school…

Dramatic clouds over campus! Weird June weather. Should enjoy it now before it gets hellishly hot.

I went straight to a local nursery and bought some milkweed to plant in the yard. I want to save butterflies…

Plus it’s a pretty plant.

I found out yesterday that my new quilt (that none of you have seen! I’ll have to do some posts about what I worked on. And I can process those other videos…maybe I’ll do that first for my Patreon community, since I’m waiting for music on the one I edited Wednesday night.) got into this show…

This is Bill! Bill! Bill!

My tribute to Bill Nye, who doesn’t just educate a bunch of kids about science, but goes out into the world and speaks up for those who deny climate change etc. I love that he doesn’t just sit back and cash his video checks…he uses his fame to try to change policies…I so love this video…

But you should also listen to his Cornell speech from this year (I can’t believe he came the year I wasn’t there)…sorry it’s a FB link. Can’t get to it otherwise. But I love that he’s talking about women’s rights and education as well.

And that’s me sending another Nida quilt to MAQS in Virginia, where my 2011 intro to Fox News occurred with all the crazy that went along with my first major quilt that offended someone. I did not do a nude of Bill, although maybe I will in the future. Or not.

Anyway. So that’s a wrap. 2018-2019 school year is OUT. I’ve been teaching for 16 years plus. And I just got to pee without looking at the clock. Next I’m going to eat lunch without having to rush around. I’m also going to do some budget stuff for summer, take the dogs to the vet, also do some meal planning, and maybe clean some stuff up. And I just got a message about copyediting. Probably have to consider that too. Need the money. Hopefully tonight I’ll start ironing this quilt to fabric, assuming I have something I can use for the background…it’s all good. We do appreciate our time off, that’s for sure.

*Talking Heads, And She Was

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