Sometimes a Head is Just a HEAD…

I’m up early (for a Saturday) because dogs. Dogs make noise. Dogs whine. Dogs scratch. Dogs want to go out and since dogs can sleep all day because dogs don’t have to work on the weekends, or for that matter, EVER, they don’t care that it’s the morning mommy gets to sleep in. I did get to sleep in for about an hour and a half, so I guess SHUSH brain that is really tired and foggy and wanted another hour at least. Maybe tomorrow (because tomorrow is NO DOG MORNING…the only one I get during the week oh hallelujah if a cat wakes me up tomorrow, there will be hell to pay.).

Really, I should be less vehement about sleep. Someday I will be old and retired and I will sleep a lot and not be able to do as much as I do now, so I think I will be a shitty sleeper now.

Dog neediness. They are everywhere.

IMG_7548 small

So we had gaming last night and we thought we were actually going to finish but there were lots and lots of bloodthirsters that we had to kill (is that one word, bloodthirster? I just don’t know), but NO. We could not finish, it was 10 PM and tiredness abounded so no. Yes, I stitched. I stitched a lot, actually.

IMG_7549 small

I finished the rhinos (they just needed that symbol thing), although I just realized (a) I need to do stitching on that plaid rectangle) and (b) that tree part needs stitching…I wonder where the fucking instructions are for THAT? Sigh.

IMG_7554 small

And I finished the bird, but the road has to continue through here and the road instructions are on the June instructions, which I put back in the notebook. So I need to pull those back out. The road is complicated.

IMG_7555 small

So then all that’s left for July is the butterfly. Not bad. Someone on the current block of the month (which I haven’t started…this is 2015’s BOM, by the way) said it took 40 hours a month to do one month’s worth of stitching. That could be true. I’ve been working on Folk Tails for a long time…not since 2015…it looks like I might have started in August 2016 or so. So that’s two years so far.

Anyway. I have to work my butt off on grading today, so I’m hoping to iron a quilt together, but I don’t know if I’ll get there today. It’s all ready to go, but some days I just have to be a teacher full time. Oh, plus go to the vet with a dog and a cat. But I’ll try. I want to. That’s a start.

And to all the people who thought I was referring to blow jobs with my drawing yesterday, you know, sometimes a head is actually Just a Head. Seriously. Men.

Still no network card here, so I’m not even trying to play music. Will have to write my own post title. Dammit.

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