Work Harder…

First of all, happy 21st birthday to the girlchild…now she can do all the things.


Including rocking her birthday 3000 miles away with poison ivy. She’ll be home Saturday. Miss her.

My friend who is visiting this week has been around for a while…she used to drag her kids down here too, since they’re all about the same age as mine. Here they all are 13 years ago (4 of them are now adults, 3 are in college) at Balboa Park, where my friend and I are heading off to this morning. It’s easier now that it’s just the two of us figuring out what to do…


Really, the faces in this photo are cracking me up.

Yesterday, we rode the Hornblower cruise around San Diego Bay. I’ve lived here how long and I’ve never done that? The Star of India and another replica of some old boat…

IMG_6365 small

It was definitely cooler there than out here in East Country.

IMG_6369 small

Fat sea lions…

IMG_6373 small

The Coronado Bridge…

IMG_6385 small

San Diego has a lot of military crap.

I’ve photographed this sculpture before. Apparently there is a numbers version of it at MIT, where my friend’s oldest daughter is.

IMG_6388 small

Small world.

This sign. Punctuation.

IMG_6392 small

I started ironing late. We had dinner with the parents and then I have to do these online classes for school, so I did three of the four yesterday afternoon. It’s too hot.

IMG_6394 small

Face in stages…

IMG_6396 small

She goes in the volcano in the middle…but I think I need the background behind her ironed first. Direct response to the dumbassery that is immigration at the moment.

IMG_6397 small

It makes me sick to my stomach to think of kids not seeing their parents for long periods of time because of our government’s stupidity. Or never. I can’t even fathom that. It’s so wrong.

I forgot to add this one’s viewpoint, so I did that last night too.

IMG_6398 small

I only got two hours in last night. I’m in the 800s…no wait…I’m in the 900s. Duh. So I’m almost halfway. But this is slow. And tomorrow, I need to copyedit and clean the girlchild’s room and go to school and get my classroom organized enough for the following Friday. I’m behind. I’m always behind though, so there. Except when I’m ahead.

Realistically, I’m not halfway done with the ironing and I’m at 13 hours. So if I manage another 3 hours tonight, that leaves at least 10. I might get 6 in tomorrow…oh shit, no, we have gaming. OK. Well I’m fucked then. Maybe. I’d like it ironed together before I go to Arrowhead. There’s the goal. Then I can do stitch down next week, sandwich over the weekend (yes, I am totally ignoring that I have to be at school on the Friday), then quilt it the FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL (OK, I’m laughing hysterically here) and bind it that weekend. Oh yeah. I’m nuts. OK. Well there we are. Work harder.

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