Why Does the Cherub Have a Jackhammer?

I’m up a little earlier today because I have a friend visiting and we have plans to get the hell out of sweltering East County and probably get sunburnt somewhere, except I can’t get my toe wet. Bad timing. It’s OK…we have plans. We’ll figure it out. We went to middle and high school together…and we still talk to each other. Always good. The first thing I noticed when I got into her rental car was this really useful function…

IMG_6344 small

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed to fold a cat while in a car.

We ate lunch, we hung out, we checked her into her hotel. These pillows. No one sleeps with pillows like this. It’s like there were three of them, but there was no logical way to place them on the bed because there are only three, or you know how it’s always hard to get the quilt or blanket to neatly fold over the pillows? Solved it.

IMG_6346 small

We played some card games, including concentration, which I haven’t played for a million years and mostly lost because we have old brains that can’t remember anything. She’s not blind (well, she and I both are)…

IMG_6348 small

We’re analyzing the cards. I wasn’t thinking about their being Bicycle brand…I was wondering why a cherub had a jackhammer.

IMG_6349 small

You wonder how I get all these ideas for quilts. It’s because my brain doesn’t work quite right. I’m OK with that.

After an awesome dinner, I was able to spend about 3 hours ironing. The skeleton, the first of the not-so-invisible women…

IMG_6350 small

I had the whole ocean folded up still…and ironed the second not-so-invisible woman…

IMG_6351 small

Then I managed to iron the ocean onto the bottom of that section, so now it’s huge.

IMG_6352 small

Although I’m not even halfway through the ironing. There was a female figure in the water…so she came next. Eyeball ironed separately.

IMG_6356 small

Got the face together.

IMG_6357 small

And put her under the appropriate wave.

IMG_6358 small

I quit then, 12:30 AM or so, because I knew I had to be up earlier this morning. I’m in the mid 700s, so not even halfway. I’ve got about 11 hours into the ironing. So 25-27 hours total maybe? Yikes. I might finish Saturday…I probably won’t. OK. Well. Rethinking. The first three days we go back to school are just conference (waste of time) and prep (hard work). I am going in this Friday as well, but just to drop stuff and start trying to organize, because I’m going to have teachers in there all day NEXT Friday for the damn conference, so I can’t put everything out. I wish we could trust teachers not to mess with our stuff, but we can’t. I’ll try to get a chunk done though…so I can come home each night and work for 5 or 6 hours on this thing. Aack. And there’s no homework or assignments for the first few weeks.

Gotta go!

One thought on “Why Does the Cherub Have a Jackhammer?

  1. Please give Victoria my love! Remember, you cannot have old brains. If you did, then mine would be fossilized. Oh, wait. Maybe it is. I’m glad you had a wonderful time together.


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