She’s a Bad Mama Jama*

OK, speedwriting. I thought I’d sleep in (still not falling asleep quickly) and have a leisurely morning, but first a dog woke me early to pee and then my phone reminded me that the car needed to go in…in 5 minutes…oh shit, rush around, where’s my brain, who the hell knows, maybe in my toe…

IMG_6327 small

It’s OK…trying to deal with a persistent cyst thing. Just can’t get it wet for two days, which is kinda gross, because it’s covered in blood and betadine. MMMM. Lovely. Friend is showing up in minutes and I need to find a bra. I hate bras. Seriously not sure the world is ready for my never wearing one though.

While waiting for the water heater installation yesterday, we were cleaning the girlchild’s room and found these. Tossed the wine. It was vinegar. That vodka is mine though.

IMG_6318 small

For making penne alla vodka. Apparently I was supposed to just be cleaning MY shit out of the room…not finding her secret stash. Well then. She’ll be 21 on Thursday. She can come get the alcohol out of the cabinet. (She’ll be here soon.)

I ironed a little bit in the afternoon before the foot procedure…got her heart and lungs in.

IMG_6319 small

And did the tattered American flag. We feel tattered, don’t we? Not because we need America to be great again…but because the person(s) trying to make it great have a seriously idiotic and skewed view of what great is. Racist, misogynist, sexist, zenophobic, and generally ignorant and insane.

IMG_6320 small

This is the house of lizards and geckos, by the way. Lots of them. This is a baby.

IMG_6326 small

It’s been so hot and muggy this summer. The dogs really suffer. We put them in the pool about once a day. Calli likes it. Simba doesn’t.

IMG_6328 small

Calli fetches pine cones.

IMG_6330 small

Back to ironing? Hands in place.

IMG_6335 small

Doing the face separately…just to get the eye right…

IMG_6337 small

That fabric makes it look like there’s an eye right where there’s supposed to be an eye. Then face in place. There is a world in her viewpoint. I ironed it on later. Basically, here I’m done with the bottom section. So I pulled it off the teflon and rolled it up.

IMG_6338 small

Then started on what’s behind that section.

IMG_6340 small

It’s too big to do it all at once. I didn’t get much done yesterday. And I have a friend visiting for three days. I’m hoping to get a little bit done each night, but we’ll see. I’m freaking out on time. As always. I probably said the same thing yesterday. Gotta find that bra.

*Carl Carlton, She’s a Bad Mama Jama

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