She’s Like a Chemical*

Two boxes winging their way to the girlchild in Boston (even though she’s not there yet)…check. College graduation announcements heading off to foreign parts…check. A chunk of the weekend schoolwork done…check. A huge blogpost for one of my art groups completely written, just missing one photo…check. Grocery list made and ready for shopping…check. Calendar created for the week and mostly populated with daily to-do lists…check. Not bad. Could always be better.

I finally got the video of the snake swallowing the lizard processed. Some day I will remember to hold my phone sideways. I swear.


Meanwhile, a baby possum is wandering around my front yard…not sure where momma is. Pretty sure he should be nocturnal, or at least hiding. Not sure if I should go out there and catch him…and do what with him? Yeah. Wildlife.

I cut stuff out for a chunk of time yesterday too…trash on top, to-be cut on the left, already cut on the right…

IMG_4154 small

Mostly that was at night. I need to do more, obviously. Lots more.

Someone was impressed with my organization of all the fabrics used by color. Really that’s just so I can put them away easily (and because it looks cool). Right now, the office is kind of a mess…almost every drawer is open and rummaged in…when I’m ready to iron the next quilt down, I’ll put everything away again.

IMG_4155 small

But for now, it’s a disaster. Semi-disaster. It’s been worse.

IMG_4156 small

Sunday. I would love it to be a day of rest, but really, I’m going to do some work now. And then some artwork. And shit, I gotta make lunches for the week. Damn. OK. Well, at least I have some focus now.

*Elvis Costello, Pump It Up

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