Definitely No Logic to Human*

Summer weather creeps in with a headache and beautiful skies. The headache is mine. I think it just needs more caffeine and for the drugs to kick in. My weekend to-do list is feeling overwhelming at the moment. Gaming was cancelled last night, though, so I finished ironing the fabrics down, but then I looked at a calendar and panicked. It’ll be fine. Really. It will. The last one I made for a show was rejected this week. It’s OK. It’s an awesome quilt and I’m glad I made it. It will find a place to be seen. They all do.

This one I’m working on is a bit different from most of what I do…not by much, but it’s different enough. I think that’s a good thing. It was always a drawing I knew I would come back to…it needed time to be drawn. Yeah, so like 4 years of time. Ironic…it’s for a show about time.

It took about 12 1/2 hours to pick all the fabrics. I think I estimated 10-12 hours, so that’s not bad. There’s a ton of grays in it, so that was hard. I still think I have gray fabrics hiding somewhere…I guess that’s a sign that the studio needs a deep clean (it does).

Before dinner even arrived (hell…my previous dinner plans disappeared and I was too tired to do anything else, so pizza it is), I had ironed a small cat down (it’s not a quilt without a cat, is it?)…

IMG_4144 small

And then after dinner, while still watching Lost in Space (Dr. Smith-not-Smith is evil…and my favorite character is the robot), I cut some more pieces out. No rest!

IMG_4146 small

It looks like I’m almost done, but that’s just because I only took some of the pieces with me…the rest are sitting in my office in a big bin. Nowhere near done. It’s OK. I have a good start.

Then after dinner, I started on the fireplace. The plus was that it’s a limited palette, even though there’s a lot of pieces.

IMG_4147 small

Got all of them ironed down. It’s funny that I bought a yard of the bottom left fabric, the main stone color, and I only used a tiny piece of it. This is how I ended up with this crazy stash in the first place…it takes forever to use up a half yard, but that’s what I usually buy. Might need to rethink that…but then there are sometimes pieces that need the space. You never know…

This is the last 50 pieces or so, all the stuff on the fireplace mantel.

IMG_4148 small

I was repeating fabrics in the key and the clock and the teapot etc., so I just laid them all out in one go. Then looked at a real clock. Almost midnight.

Organized all the pieces…yeah I ironed for almost three hours last night. Pretty good for a tired old lady on a Friday night. There were 127 fabrics, mostly browns and grays this time.

IMG_4149 small

Here’s the other box that needs to be cut out now.

IMG_4150 small

I have about 2 1/2 hours into the cutting…there’s gotta be at least 5 more to go. Hopefully done this weekend, so I can start ironing. I have a chunk of time next weekend laid out for this…but honestly, I need to be ready to stitch down next weekend. Sounds a little crazy. But I can do it. I’m parceling the grading out at work, realizing with state testing, I can get a bunch done at school, so I should use that time wisely.

Yesterday, I was sitting here at the computer and heard a scuffle outside on the slope. I peeked out through the window and saw this snake trying to swallow a lizard. A large lizard. A lizard that had already lost its tail. Interestingly, the snake was vertical on the tree trunk, and the lizard was still hanging on at this point…it hadn’t given up.

IMG_4126 small

I’m processing the video now…for you science geeks out there. I know. Weird. I’ll post it here eventually…YouTube is being cranky.

This morning was the vet with the old lady. Her foot still bugs her, but it’s getting better. The doc confirmed our treatment (which was to use up all the meds from last year, because we already paid for them and they are not expired)…

IMG_4152 small

She is finally improving…I didn’t see any until Thursday. Gotta keep her quiet though, so no walks for a good dog this weekend. The puppy needs one though.

OK, to-do list is calling. I need to pack a box for the girlchild and mail it to Boston to meet her there. She’s back in the big city of Tana in Madagascar, ready to fly out in a couple of days…or NOT ready, probably. She’s got work for next week or the week after, then graduation with us in Ithaca, and then a summer job at school. I’m personally looking forward to NOT having a job for a while. Well. You know. Vacation. 28 days. Aargh.

*Björk, Human Behavior

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