On a Dark Desert Highway*

Ugh. I was right. Wearing that sleep machine made sleep difficult. Plus I fell asleep with my glasses on. That’s impressive. Could not get comfortable. And my pointer finger is somehow swollen and stiff…from being in the finger thing? Who knows. I’m looking forward to sleeping without the device (and my glasses) tonight, that’s for sure. I feel drugged. Too tired. OK, honestly, it probably doesn’t help that I went to bed after 1 AM. I was on a roll, so I finished the stitchdown, and then my brain was in overload and needed to come down. What do I do when that happens? I organize my photo files. Seriously. It’s brain-deadening, I hate doing it, so it’s always backed up. Last night, I organized all the March photos from 2017 and 2014. Because the other years were already done. Don’t question it. 2014 was a bad year. So I did that until I was tired, and then hooked myself up to the device, and tried to sleep.

I am on track with the quilt though. That’s a good thing. I even got one class of science units graded while we watched dinner TV. Almost efficient! Not really.

I started ironing around 1 PM yesterday afternoon…

IMG_2469 small

Got the other body in…

IMG_2470 small

Then took a short break, 20 minutes…this stage is a lot of standing and staring. Plus puppies are cute.

IMG_2471 small

Back to the ironing…that chick needs a face.

IMG_2472 small

Both bodies in…another short break. Not sure why. Sometimes I hit the pause button to pee, and sometimes I don’t.

IMG_2473 small

Torso behind the bodies is in.

IMG_2474 small

This was really easy to put together. Oh that hair!

IMG_2475 small

That was a great choice…

IMG_2476 small

I always iron the eyes separately so I can place them so they don’t look stupid.

IMG_2477 small

Nice colors on this…

IMG_2478 small

And there we are…

IMG_2480 small

Kitten watches from her Batting Mountain.

IMG_2481 small

All ironed down. I had chosen a background fabric, but it didn’t make the image pop enough…so I went darker. I’m always going darker, it seems.

IMG_2482 small

Then I ate dinner and graded the science units…with this on the other couch.

IMG_2483 small

Finally up off the couch just before 10 PM…for the stitchdown. I wasn’t planning on doing it all last night…

IMG_2484 small

But in the end, it was less than 2 hours to finish…

IMG_2485 small

So I went for it. It means that today I’m all about sandwiching, pinbasting, and quilting.

IMG_2486 small

From the back…

IMG_2487 small

The machine is behaving nicely, so that helps…not a lot of thread nests or bad tension. Let’s knock on wood. I need that to continue.

I’m still basing all my time on the last quilt, even though it had 200 more pieces…it’s about the same size though. So another 14 hours? In two days? Still tight, eh? But I’m starting earlier in the day, so that will help…although I’m on dinner duty the next two nights. Ironing the whole thing together only took 7 hours…that’s 3 hours less than the other piece…which had all that fussy fabric in the spine. So maybe the quilting will be easier too.

Today’s goal: sandwich, pinbaste, and get all the outline quilting done? I can make that a goal. Even if I won’t make it…no problem. I’m totally finishing this one in time. Unless the machine dies or a tree drops on the house. Yup. You know how that goes. Spring Break Day 4…on task, on time. Don’t think about grading. Don’t think about grading.

*The Eagles, Hotel California

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