A Time to Rewind and Be Recorded Absent*

So. I realize after a million years of being myself that I inhabit stress regularly. Yes, it’s Spring Break, but I have too much to do and it’s wearing on me. My counselor was convinced that I thrive on stress…I think it’s more that I’ve had a lot of it for so long that I don’t know how to switch it off. But it’s also what allows me to finish a lot of things in a short period of time. This quilt will be finished today…easily…unless a nuclear bomb drops on San Diego, in which case, all bets are off. But I have about three thousand other things that need to be done in the next three days. Some of them need to be done today. And that’s heavy on my head.

I got back from returning that hellish sleep device and cleaned the floor so I could pinbaste this one…

IMG_2489 small

Had to move all the camping stuff we accumulated in the entryway to do it.

IMG_2490 small

There’s something we need to take on the trip that’s not on my list. I remembered it at 2 AM but didn’t write it down (I can’t write shit down at 2 AM) and now I can’t remember what it is. Fuck.

IMG_2491 small

This is not a huge quilt…

IMG_2492 small

That might be part of why it’s going so fast…quilting started next and kept going…

IMG_2494 small

I was done with the outlining around 6 PM…perfect! Time to make dinner…

IMG_2495 small

In the last week, I’ve done over 22 hours of artmaking, compared to 11 hours the week before…granted, I haven’t had to go to school. That helps.

IMG_2496 small

I love this. I need a title though. Like before Friday.

IMG_2502 small

Don’t help me. It’s OK…it’ll come to me.

IMG_2504 small

Birthing the gender wars.

IMG_2505 small

Maybe. We’ll see. Today? Today I trim and bind. I don’t know if I need to buy binding. I probably don’t have enough of anything that will work. I usually only buy half yards, and this would probably take all of that. So I’ll have to see. Plus I need to pack up a quilt and deliver it to my mom so she can deliver it while I’m gone. Because she’ll be gone tomorrow. Although I have a key. Duh. I could deliver it tomorrow even if she’s not there. See? Stress. Plus I need to grade an entire SHITLOAD of stuff before Saturday.

And then? Then I need to figure out what I’m making next. Can’t stop.

*Roots, What You Want

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