Two Minutes Left

I’ve got 9 minutes before I need to leave to pick up three quilts. It’s Spring Break, but busy. I couldn’t sleep this morning…my brain was on overdrive. So I got up and sorted the pieces for the new quilt…

IMG_2458 small

It didn’t take long. I’m going to start ironing this afternoon.

I stayed up a little late last night to cut them all out. I had a period after watching a show where I didn’t feel like cutting more, but I realized I was behind my previously planned schedule. So I got a second wind! And finished!

IMG_2454 small

On the last quilt, which had more pieces, it was 28 hours from here to the finish. I have four days…let’s see what I can do. Yes, I have other stuff to do too…like this.

IMG_2440 small

That’s all the paper stuff that needs grading. Two of the piles are rubrics for online stuff. I finished one period of the giant units…that’s it. That was yesterday, about an hour and a half. Another pile today. Gonna stay focused. On task.

Well, I’m going to try anyway. I need sleep. I have errands to run. I have stuff that needs to happen. But I don’t have to go to school or tutoring or meetings before or after school. So there’s that. At least the ironing is meditative. It all is. Turn the music up loud, binge watch the new season of Call the Midwife, then on to some other sci fi thing, read my book in between (I think the library automatically checked out 4 books to me last week…it never rains; it pours). Attempt to walk dogs and get ready for our trip. All good. Probably talk to almost no one for days. Sometimes that sucks. Right now? Sounds awesome.

Two minutes left…

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