Sitting All Alone Inside Your Head*

I think right now, at 2:15 PM on Saturday, I finally have some sense of being on Spring Break. Mostly. I have a pile of stuff to grade, both online and physically on my light table (so the Golden Retriever can’t eat it). I have a quilt to finish. I took 290 or so people to the zoo yesterday with my teacher cohorts. Today, I marched in the March for Our Lives. I was exhausted all week. The last thing I wanted to do was get up this morning and march, but I did it. Because I had to. Because people aren’t listening. If I can be part of the mass of humanity that has to show the fuck up, stand out there, and keep yelling before the politicians hear us, then so be it. I will keep marching. I got up, made a sign, picked up my teacher friend, found parking, and marched. I am still exhausted. Let’s hope I get some rest in the next two weeks.

So here’s the last few days…well, actually, this is a photo of my significant housemate cat owner other. That guy who lives here. One of the band wives took this picture at House of Blues last weekend…one of his non-keyboarding songs. Nice lighting…

IMG_2351 small

OK, back to this week…zoo yesterday. I had a good group, which helped, because I made them go fast…

IMG_2356 small

I really love the new baboon exhibit. It’s fascinating to watch them.

IMG_2360 small

Especially the young ones…

IMG_2362 small

I wish they were all in open spaces…

IMG_2366 small

Because these fences suck for photography…

IMG_2370 small

And the penguin/shark exhibit is cool too.

IMG_2379 small

Hua Mei was out and awake…

IMG_2384 small

These guys! I had to laugh…

IMG_2397 small

So after the zoo, we came back, managed some crazy, watched a school play, and then cleaned classrooms for break, so they can redo our floors. I forgot to water the plants. Oh well. And then I came home for about 10 minutes and drove to an opening in La Jolla, where I forgot to take pictures, then more driving to gaming…where, yes…I did in fact cut out pieces for the new quilt.

IMG_2405 small

For #igquiltfest, the theme for the 23rd was stash. This is maybe a third of my stash. There’s more. It’s messy…I haven’t put everything back from the last quilt. I don’t usually do that until the quilt is done, in case I need to cut a piece, like if I lost one…

IMG_2406 small

Then I got up this morning, and made this sign…

IMG_2408 small

The gloves are to show I’m watching my politicians…except I forgot and left them in the car. Whoops!

IMG_2410 small

And we marched…

IMG_2411 small

Me and my quilt teacher, who also teaches in my district (and made the eyeball gloves)…

IMG_2412 small

It was a beautiful day. But it’s almost like I don’t want to smile or acknowledge the gorgeous weather, because I’m marching for something pretty damn serious.

IMG_2423 small

There was a lot of anti-NRA stuff…which I’m totally OK with. We have let political lobbies control too much of government.

IMG_2425 small

The only way to improve this situation is to start passing a LOT of gun control legislation. I’m lucky to live in a fairly liberal state, but my city isn’t liberal. And certainly where I live is not.

IMG_2430 small

The kids were out. The teachers were out. So yeah, as a teacher on the first day of Spring Break, thoroughly mentally and physically exhausted, it was very difficult to get up this morning and put on my boots and face all this. YES. I wanted to stay in bed and sleep in and lounge around in pajamas all day.

IMG_2433 small

But I didn’t. Because this. You need to hear us.

IMG_2438 small

So. Now I’m on break. Marching was something I had to do. I would love to go back to not needing to do that. But it doesn’t seem like that’s happening soon. And that makes me sad.

Today? I have grading and quiltmaking. For the rest of the day. Hopefully getting my head in a better place.

*Stone Sour, Through Glass

One thought on “Sitting All Alone Inside Your Head*

  1. Thank you for marching. I was there in spirit. Watched the video’s with tears. I am so proud of the kids and happy they are being supported . Maybe this is the year things get done. I would have loved to go but physically just not able to . And that pisses me off. Thank you again.


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