Infiltrating My Brain

Awww school. You’ve infiltrated my brain dammit and now I’m in panic mode. I keep looking at the calendar and reminding myself that there are hours in there and I will get organized at some point. My brain is unraveling. I haven’t bought supplies, I don’t have my stuff into the print shop, my room is a disaster.

Walk away.

So I had my stitching meeting last night and started the next month’s blocks. This is May though and not April. April is not sewn down yet. I did stems and legs and grass. The legs are awesome…two couched threads with bullion knots over them.

IMG_6905 small

I have lots more to do on these. Obviously. And I should start sewing April down too.

When I got home, I finally started ironing more quilt parts together. I iron the eyes separately and then put them on the face.

IMG_6906 small

There they are. The eyes are the most important part of the quilt, I think.

IMG_6907 small

Aliens in my quilt, polluting my world.

IMG_6908 small

Seriously. Alien ships give off CO2, right?

Ironed the head/land to the rest. Most of it’s rolled up.

IMG_6909 small

But then I realized that I hadn’t washed the background fabric in Retayne, and the dark fabrics, especially the batiks, bleed like a motherfucker. And then they say not to use the high-efficiency washers to do that, so I stirred for 20 minutes.

IMG_6910 small

Which was good, because it didn’t bleed at all. Midnight did not fucking care.

IMG_6911 small

Then I finally got her ironed down. She’s taller than I am. Not that that’s hard.

IMG_6912 small

Head ironed. Woo hoo.

IMG_6913 small

Now I need to stitch the whole thing down. Like today. Ha! Well. It will probably take 5-11 hours, based on the last two quilts. Probably closer to 5 hours. But I need to do school stuff too and deal with the bedroom and the garage, all of which are stressing me out.

I’m glad I’m at this point though. She’s good. I’m good with her good. But now I need to go do shit so I can stop panicking.

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