Missing Enough to Feel Alright*

I’m fighting tired yet again. I managed to sleep a vast number of hours Thursday night and Friday didn’t seem so much like I was a dead blob of meat. Last night, I held it together through two full sets at the Music Box, and even drove home mostly wired…Puppy then set to barking at each spider that was spinning a web in a 5-mile radius. Ugh. Sleep. Sometimes it’s so far from my existence that it hurts. Right now I think I need a nap. Isn’t that what Saturday afternoons are for? Sweaty naps with your feet tangled in the sheets? A cat curled up next to you, because they’re perfectly happy to sleep whenever and wherever.

Oh if only I had the time and mental space for that right now. I graded last night before I went to the show (and after I spent an hour on the phone with my bank, which closed all my accounts due to some unknown suspicious activity, which no, was not me buying more fabric online. I don’t do that any more). I got up this morning and have been grading on and off. I’m going to grade tomorrow and every day until grades are due on the 13th of June. UGH.

This has meant an extreme lack of art in my life, which is why I am now grinding my teeth as well. Or that’s just the end of the school year. Really anyone who is NOT a teacher should be reaching out, hugging us, and buying us drinks with no questions asked. Do not try to fix anything for us. Just do the laundry, buy and/or make dinner, and don’t ask stupid questions. We don’t have the brain power for it.

See? She’s smart. She does the sleep thing.

IMG_5126 small

And the cleaning of the toes while leaning on the keyboard, which makes mom mad for some reason. (I’m grading shit, cat…you just gave a kid 3333 points out of 10.)

IMG_5125 small

Boychild entertains animals…there’s a cat and a puppy, and a dog in a giant cone still…

IMG_5122 small

This is stuck to the front door. I started it two years ago? Or maybe last year…so the kids would realize there was shit that needed doing. I swear, I think the boychild is the only one who looks at it. I crossed off some stuff. He tried to cross off something.

IMG_5118 small

It needs redoing. And a reality check probably. It used to all be color-coordinated. All the stuff in black was added right before Spring Break. Anyway. The Summer To-Do List is coming. Along with my brain. I hope.

OK, back to grading. I’m hoping to draw later. I did draw a little at the show last night, while I was waiting for the band I care about to go on…it’s hard to do that in public with people you know. I have no problems drawing in public with people I don’t know though. Explain that.

*Talking Heads, And She Was

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