Seamstress for the Band*

I’m running late this morning…been running late since some time yesterday. No art made…was basically home for less than an hour after a long day at school when we realized the puppy wasn’t acting well. No jumping up, just sitting there shaking, looking sad. He had an issue over the weekend as well, but he’d been to the vet and seemed better.

We’re still not positive what it is, but he seems to have strained his back in some way (he is kind of a kamikaze beast) and then maybe made it worse yesterday or Monday some time. He’s pretty subdued at the moment…no running around. Very snappy about being picked up if he doesn’t want it, but wanting love as well.


See? Pitiful.

So I was at the vet until after 10:30 at night…I did grade there while he slept…


Because that’s what teachers do. Waiting for blood tests to rule out all the other stuff it could be. He’s a sad pup at the moment.

I could have drawn when we got home, but I have one kid coming home today and one tomorrow, and the gifts were all still unwrapped, sitting out, waiting for me. So I did a bunch of that, trying to get it all organized. And then it was past midnight. Ugh.

No art. And kind of a long stressful day. We’re getting closer to break, though, and if I don’t think about the incredibly messy lab we’re doing today, or having to get my classroom straightened up before break, or the pile of grading to do, I might just make it through all of it. Certainly it will be nice to have the kids home (well, after the girlchild finishes and turns in her essays…until then, it will be tiptoe-on-eggshells time…I think)…maybe someone else can cook and deal with animals for a bit. Plus I kinda like those two.

*Elton John, Tiny Dancer


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