Getting Nothing but Static*

I swear yesterday felt like a Friday. Yeast lab was a disaster in 2nd period, but eventually we got it working (I think we say that for every lab involving yeast…you’d think we’d figure that shit out)…I spent most of the day teaching empathy and appropriate behavior more than cellular respiration and the effect of changing the reactants on the product. I’ll be reteaching both today, for sure.


Certainly, I’ll be doing dishes at school today…and generally straightening stuff up…and trying to figure out why Splenda has more product than Sweet & Low. It was an exhausting day, followed by a long union meeting.

That said, I’m currently listening to the B-52s and it’s helping me wake up and find the energy to get through this day. In bed around 1 AM (I was drawing) and up at 6:30 (girlchild texting…plus that’s when I usually get up)…not enough sleep. Plus exposure to strep throat, so now I’m gonna be paranoid about any throat pain for the next 4 days. I’m basically laughing hysterically and throwing a big Fuck You to the universe mentally at the moment.

In other news, Simba seems better. His back is definitely bugging him, because he’s scared to jump off the couch, but he gave boychild a proper puppy greeting.


Yes, one kid is home. The next one comes home today, as long as the plane takes off. She’s never been cancelled, like the boychild has. So it was kind of amazing that all his flights took off within an hour of the appointed time. I don’t remember the last time that happened.

My brain wasn’t ready to sleep last night, so I drew after boychild went to bed. I had this skeleton pop into my head yesterday morning, so I wanted to start that.


I’m not sure if I’m going to continue all of it…I’m still debating that. I’m debating a lot of things on this drawing. Maybe tonight I’ll get to the head…I really should do that before I put the skull in there. I think.

I got the photos back on the quilt I just finished…totally forgot about that. This is Give Me Time

Kathy Nida fiber artist

She’s the 11th piece of art this year for me, and probably the last big quilt of 2016. I have one smaller one to do, but the next big one probably won’t get done until early 2017. It’s 38″w x 70″ h…I seem to be doing more of these long skinny pieces lately.

Here’s the bird and sun that had to flip sides. In the original drawing, they are on opposite sides.

Kathy Nida fiber artist

It’s a quilt about time and how it affects us, all the ways time and increasing age weigh us down…mostly how bodies change and bad stuff that starts happening.

Kathy Nida fiber artist

I do most of my work from a fairly personal perspective, if not what’s actually going on with me, then what I’m worried about for myself or another person.

Kathy Nida fiber artist

Snakes show up pretty often in my work. Because they’re easy to draw. No, not really. I just like how they fit into spaces and have all these crazy colors. Plus they’re biologically interesting. We’re terrified of them, but they’re fascinating. They imply some tension between good and evil. All these things attributed to this long skinny worm thing.

Kathy Nida fiber artist

Plus they’re pretty damn efficient…unlike how I feel at the moment.

Anyway. I’ll have to write up a full statement at some point. Not there yet. I did finish it in time for the entry I needed it for…with a day or two to spare. Something to note…I was way more efficient in working on it when I was teaching than when I wasn’t. I should keep that in mind for the next three weeks. Try to be efficient when I can.

Which probably starts by going to school today and getting shit cleaned up for the break, since they’ll be doing our floors…so everything has to be cleaned and put away. Yeah. That’s funny.

*The B-52s, Channel Z


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