I Got This

Another day, another parent meeting. Gotta book outta here early. Long day with a union meeting at the end.

I have a hard time shaking some sense of fate. It’s my birthday today. I’m OK with the age I’m turning, I’m not down about getting older. I have a birthday gift to myself planned that’s been in my head for about 20 years. It’s all good.

And then I wake up with a massive crick in my neck (no chiropractor on the schedule any time soon), and get rejected from a show (second this week; I’m on a roll), the pool’s gone green and is making noise, so I was out there on my knees trying to get the pump cleared (I have a guy I pay for this because I hate the pool stuff and I suck at it), and everything starts to feel off. The universe! Out to get me! I don’t know where this mindset comes from, but I just told it to fuck off. Loudly.

The crick is because I slept really heavily for once. This is a good thing. If it doesn’t work itself out, I’ll call the chiropractor and schedule for tomorrow or Friday. Meanwhile, there’s Motrin. And maybe a neck rub, if I can persuade someone to do so.

The rejections are common…and I’ve never gotten into this particular show with any nudity, so maybe not so surprising. Besides, and maybe this is more important, my work shouts. It’s loud. It’s out there. It doesn’t always play well with others. That’s why it was so cool to have a show with just one other person, because our work spoke to each other, but it worked. So reject me. Go on. You know you want to. It’s OK. I know the work is strong, it’s good, and it will find a place to hang. The voice in my head that’s whining will soon figure out those pieces are now available for another show.

The pool guy? Calling him this morning. Hopefully he’s not on one of those random vacations he never tells me about. But if he is? The pool is still his problem, not mine.

It’s not fate. It’s just shit happening on the same day. The world doesn’t know when my birthday is. And if it did, it wouldn’t care.

The rest of the day will be survival for sure. And I can do that. I’m good at that.

I finished cutting out Wonder Under last night. I had to retrace some, and in the end, the little pieces just didn’t do well. I have a lot of released fusible. So that will be a pain in the ass. But it’s a pain in the ass I already know.

Ready to sort all those tiny pieces into bins…

DSCN0080 small

It’s such a tiny pile.

DSCN0082 small

All done. Didn’t take long.

DSCN0085 small

Then I went into my office and started cleaning up from the last quilt, putting fabric away. Trying to find room for everything. The bookshelf in the back left needs to come out so dad can fix the shelves. Maybe I can do that tonight.

DSCN0086 small

I need help with about three things around the house. The pets are remarkably useless with hanging art and moving furniture.

Alright fate, I’m going to school now. Whatcha gonna throw at me now? Huh? Bring it. I got this.

6 Responses to I Got This

  1. Ann Scott says:

    Happy Birthday.


  2. Dinah Sargeant says:

    Happy birthday Kathy. Strong is beautiful.


  3. artbynatalya says:

    Happy birthday!


  4. I hope it was a happy birthday anyway! BTW, nothing much worked for me today either — at least not without hangups, cut me offs, endless recordings, “we can’t do that” etc. happening first. Maybe the fates were in a snit today? And your birthday saved them!


  5. Happy B’day. Mine was the 5th. B’days are so anti-climatic at this age … would be okay with me to not acknowledge them at all. Honestly, I am still about 25 in my mind … it is just the body that betrays me.
    Have a Happy in spite of the world ….


  6. Rebecca says:

    Hope you had a happy birthday. Despite “anti-climactic” after an age, friends and I do try to celebrate (it’s a day that gets to be about YOU). Because of some of our birthdays, we rarely get to celebrate on the precise day. You still have a chance to have a special day (although those non-humans are “remarkably useless” for that, too.)


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