Finished! Sort of…

Well one art rejection down…two more notifying this week. I’m on a roll! I’ve been entering art shows since I was in high school…been rejected to more than I can count. It’s no biggie. You realize how many entered and how they tried to put a show together that made sense. It’s not the end of the world. It feels like that sometimes when you get rejection after rejection, but if you know you’re making good work, work that shows your voice, and I’m sure mine does that, then you don’t worry too much about it. It’s a dry spell. Rain will come. Although if you live in Southern California, rain doesn’t come often.

Plus now I have work I can enter elsewhere.

I finished cutting out Wonder Under yesterday…

DSCN0078 small

I think it was a total of 3-4 hours. I still have some pieces I need to retrace and cut out, but then I can sort them and start on the ironing stage…

DSCN0079 small

The web completely pulled off those pieces. Annoying. I keep my Wonder Under in a plastic bag, but maybe age is the issue. Can’t remember when I bought this bolt. And it’s worse on this quilt because the pieces are so tiny. If you have larger pieces, if some part of the fusible starts to release, there’s usually some section that’s still holding on, so you can use it anyway. As I got near the end, I was tracing larger pieces near the edges just because of that. I could also just stay away from the edges, but that’s harder for me to remember. I thought about trimming the edges, but I don’t know if the release would just occur further in if I did that.

I do like that there are little goals to be reached in the quiltmaking process. The drawing is done. The numbering is done. The tracing is done. The cutting is done. The ironing is done. It makes it easier to get a big project done because you have all these little tasks that add up to the big thing. There’s satisfaction on a regular basis. Cross off that task! Whoo!

Whatever. It’s done. Next step.

Next step should be putting the quilt burritos away…

DSCN0076 small

Although the dog does seem to be enjoying the new floor pillows.

OK, busy day. I’m tired. Hoping to make art tonight. And maybe go to sleep early. Some day I have to make up for all the missing sleep. Just not sure when.

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