Issues with Starting…

So hi. It’s morning. We’re not friends, morning and I. Never have been. Although it feels incredibly bad to miss morning completely, because then it feels like I’ve wasted so much time. But OK. It’s here, brought on by the alarm clock and time passing and all that crap. I’m running two major labs over the next two days. Plus: kids will be engaged. Con: I might have to kill some of them. We’ll see how that goes. I’m sure teachers shouldn’t have to talk about killing students. We aren’t really. Everyone knows that, right? It’s just that consider the one point when your own child is at their most annoying and you want to strangle them, duct tape their mouth shut, and lock them in the closet. Well I have that kid every day. Sometimes more than once. So when I’m doing something in class that requires people to listen to instructions or there will be a giant mess to deal with, I get a little cranky when that one kid goes, “Wait, what are we doing?” Or makes a dumb joke and looks around the room for attention. Or is messing with the lab materials. I can be very calm. Please get up out of your chair, take all your stuff, and go sit outside. In 7th grade, brains are often absent. It’s a special form of senility.

So I’m hoping it goes OK. I prepped yesterday all day and I have more to do today for tomorrow. It’s just stressful.

Quilting is going slowly…but it’s going. I had to do some other stuff last night (always do) before I could start, so I only got one done. Plus I was tired, so I tried to go to bed early. Mostly I suck at that. That might have something to do with not liking mornings. They start too damn early.

Cat 4 in all his spotty wonder. His? Hers? Dunno.

Oct 28 15 001 small

Thread kept breaking. Probably I should change the needle. Always forget to keep track of that.

I have this one fabric I bought about 4 or 5 years ago that I really love. I love it so much, I’m down to about a 4×6″ piece of it and a bunch of tiny scraps. Of course, I’m never going to find it again, but I was trying to find a replacement. The top one is too yellow and I think the one on the right is too busy (I’ll still use them…don’t you worry), but I think the one on the left works as a replacement.

Oct 27 15 003 small

It’s still more lines than white space, unlike the other one, but it might work.

OK, well my car has been having issues with starting, and with my luck, this morning will be the one where it dies completely. A day when I have to get in early to get the lab ready, right? So I have to leave early enough that I can call for help if I need it. I really wish I could spend less of my life calling for help and more of it just living. Or drawing. Or quilting. Or something.

I spent all day yesterday trying to make these gels for the lab. The first batch was too hot so it melted the tape and went everywhere. Then I dropped one. Then at least 4 of them split down the middle, probably because I was moving them too early. They take so LONG to harden up. I guess the lesson is patience, which I suck at in the first place. I don’t have time to be patient. Unless it’s with cutting out a million tiny pieces, and that’s not even really patience. It’s just how long the job takes.

Speaking of which, I need to start the next big quilt. I just realized how much time I’ll be gone over Thanksgiving and how busy I’ll be with school up until then (and after, because of all the stuff due right before). And I have a baby quilt to do in December as well. Not enough time. Never is. I guess it’s all about having issues with starting! Quilts, cars, me. Taking on another large project…I’m ready but I’m buried with school, so it feels like a mistake…although I know the bigger mistake is letting school take over my life. Setting boundaries. Priorities. Knowing what you want but not knowing how to get it. Story of my life…

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