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Hey y’all. I missed writing yesterday. My brain was on GRADE GRADE GRADE mode. It’s been there for 4 or 5 days and I’ve missed some things I should have been paying closer attention to. This school year just sucks. Usually, about now, the school year is calming down, we’re finding a routine, and stuff is getting under control. I’m sure you know the end of that story in 2020. Fuck all that, we’re back in, starting over, fuck the routine, and fuck calm.

Saturday, I ignored school. Mostly. I did a bunch of other stuff, including some art projects I just needed the impetus to get started, so I could then do a little each night. One was the clay piece for our FIG labyrinth…

I used to do ceramics in school and then for a bit after, but I think before the divorce? Or maybe just after? It was hard to find a studio and the time, so it just didn’t happen. Anyway, on Saturday, a super dry and hot day, I started finally. Sliced into the clay, started trying to roll coils and stick them together.

It was much easier Sunday night. I had something started, my hands were remembering how, and it wasn’t as dry out.

I have this clay tool I love, I remember loving it, but I can’t find it. It’s here somewhere, in this house.

She can’t be very tall, so it hopefully won’t take me long. That said, I didn’t work on her at all last night. Last night was kind of a clusterfuck.

The other thing I started was my SJSA Remembrance block, for Nicholas Bils.

I traced his face, and then went and got it enlarged about 150%. Then added it to a larger background.

And then added stuff in the background: his name, his dog, a river (for his dog, whose name was either River or Rio, and because he lived on the water).

And then last night, I started tracing the Wonder Under…

And get that done.

I have fabric for the shirt, but it needs to be dyed. Not sure if I can pull that off this week, so I might change my mind about it. We’ll see. Time is at a premium. Not my choice.

We walked around Lake Murray Saturday night…

It’s too peoply too, but manageable.

It was dusky.

Saturday night stitching was brainless.

Sue Spargo’s Homegrown March blocks. All I can handle is stitching it down.

I only have one done of the four. Don’t get excited.

Sunday, I had an appointment to go to Visions Art Museum to see Judith Content’s amazing work…always better in person.

It’s totally worth it and hopefully won’t close down today.

I was also introduced to Melody Money, whose work I haven’t see before.

She’s got some handwork on there.

Fascinating stuff.

Lots of details…

You should totally go see both these shows.

They’ll be there until January, so even if we shut down museums today, they’ll open back up eventually.

Fun stuff.

Very joyful.

Here’s where I’ve been grading…

Notice the cat? Yeah. It’s a crowded space when I’m doing everything.

Work sucks. I’m freaked out by everything. Everything is overwhelming. Staff meetings make my brains melt. Kid demands made me cry last night. I can’t do more than I am. Yesterday, I walked for 3+ miles to get it out of my head.

I only took the little dog. The big dog is too old for that far. So she was sad, and he was tired. But I needed it.

With that, Happy Tuesday. Love you all. Well, except for the non-mask-wearers. I don’t love you right now. And send cookies. But I’m fussy about them. So don’t really send them. Send cookie thoughts.

Running Away to Anza Borrego…

So I’m back. A short trip to the Anza Borrego desert, only one night of camping (honestly, with the wind trying to pick the tent up, I’m glad we only had to deal with it for one night. Vacation shouldn’t be sleep-deprived.). We saw about a million metal sculptures by Ricardo Breceda…OK, there are apparently only 130 of them, but we saw all of them.

I liked the dinosaurs best…especially the ones where you had to drive way the heck out into the desert to see them. This post is photo-heavy…mostly a picture journal of the trip. The wildflowers were apparently “gone”, but there were plenty of things blooming for me…

DSCN0249 small

I took photos of almost every sculpture we saw, but some of them were definitely better than others. I was amused by the eyelashes…Brecedo definitely likes eyelashes…

DSCN0253 small

Harvester ant holes…we didn’t actually see a lot of wildlife. Even birds were absent the first day, mostly probably because of the crazy winds.

DSCN0265 small

The dinos I liked the best were way off the road. We didn’t see many people out here. This is a newer one…he hasn’t rusted much.

DSCN0281 small

After a while, they all look like they’re dancing.

DSCN0284 small

Teeth abound…

DSCN0287 small

It’s actually a little frightening seeing these guys and thinking about them wandering around…

DSCN0290 small

Humans would not have survived, I think.

DSCN0292 small

You look tasty, my dear.

DSCN0293 small

These guys were wobbling in the wind. Then again, the bursts were pretty strong.

DSCN0296 small

Definitely all about the teeth.

DSCN0301 small

More flowers…I missed the pink cactus. Never remembered to stop for those.

DSCN0303 small

The details on the skin/hide were kind of amazing.

DSCN0313 small

And all the pieces of metal. Breceda wasn’t an artist until his daughter asked for a T Rex.

DSCN0318 small

Ocotillos were in bloom all over the place.

DSCN0319 small

This thing had a name. Most of his creatures are prehistoric, although honestly, there’s one group that wasn’t on the maps, and we’re pretty sure they’re made up things.

DSCN0340 small

Yup. I brought someone to conquer the angry beasts.

DSCN0342 small

That cloud stayed until sometime in the middle of the night. The winds above must have been competing for air space.

DSCN0353 small

The scorpion…that reminds me…Yup. Scorpions have two eyes on top and 2-5 pairs along the sides. Yick.

DSCN0356 small

So this thing. Not on the map. Big curved claws. Carries its young. Furry as heck. Looks like a cross between a beaver and…something.

DSCN0372 small

Here’s one who fell over…

DSCN0375 small

Making shit up. Don’t know what that is.

The famous serpent, which goes across the road. Awesome. Need that for my yard.

DSCN0390 small

Llama with serpent in background…

DSCN0396 small

Indian Head right near the opening to Indian Head trail.

DSCN0408 small

The caterpillars were around…some much bigger than others. The wildflowers come, then the caterpillars try to eat them all, and then the Swainson’s hawks migrate here to eat the caterpillars. More on the hawks later…

DSCN0422 small

One of the few furry beasts we saw…HUGE ears. The rest we saw were dogs. On leashes.

DSCN0423 small

I swear they’re dancing…

DSCN0425 small

These guys were up a road that was misnamed on the map…

DSCN0426 small

The tortoises were all a little feisty too…

DSCN0431 small

Peccary with babies…

DSCN0436 small

An entire wash of bighorn sheep…which was nice, because we didn’t see any in real life unfortunately.

DSCN0443 small

The wind is still scattering the clouds.

DSCN0455 small

An ironic metal saguaro in the middle of the desert without saguaro.

DSCN0456 small

We were sure it was a cutout from a distance, but it was in fact 3D when we got there…

A ha! A hawk! So we headed out to one of the hawk counting areas and saw a kettle of hawks scared off the ground by three coyotes. These hawks migrate from Argentina to Canada…

DSCN0468 small

There’s the kettle settling back down after being scared up.

DSCN0471 small

I’d never seen so many hawks in one place…over 60 of them flying together.

Camping in the high winds…the ice chest kept the tent from taking off.

DSCN0473 small

The campground was nice and quiet, despite quite a few children. There are bathrooms and showers and running water, and even shelters over the tables. Definitely a nice place to hang out.

DSCN0474 small

The next morning, we were tired from the windy-night’s sleep (or lack thereof), but planned a hike up into Borrego Palm Canyon.

DSCN0477 small

It wasn’t a long hike, but there was some chance of seeing bighorn sheep, plus it was supposed to be pretty. And it was.

DSCN0479 small

It was a bit warm, but bearable.

DSCN0485 small

A stiff breeze (and sometimes serious wind) dried off the sweat as we hiked.

DSCN0490 small

There were plenty of flowers still around.

DSCN0494 small

But the wash was dry…at least down here it was.

DSCN0504 small

As we went up the canyon, there was water. It must go underground at some point.

DSCN0510 small

Still no sign of sheep, but I caught this guy in a photo…

DSCN0514 small

The palms grow naturally here…

DSCN0516 small

When we got to the oasis, there were about 100 6th graders there eating lunch. Wow. So get the hell outta there before they leave! They probably scared off all the sheep.

DSCN0517 small

We’ll have to come back to see them (the sheep. Not the 6th graders).

DSCN0519 small

We took an alternate route down and promptly got lost and were wandering through the wash.

DSCN0523 small

A quail led us back home (not really).

DSCN0527 small

After a change of clothes, some food and drink, and a relatively easy ride home, I took my second shower of the day and fell promptly asleep on the couch. The dog woke me up for her dinner. Mine was a piece of toast. So not motivated to cook!

I couldn’t find my brain for the rest of the night, so I just messed around with the wool projects I have lying around. Tried to organize them and cut stuff out so that I could sew things down, but never found the energy to actually sew.

DSCN0529 small

It was a good, albeit short trip. Maybe there’s a longer one in my future. Who knows? Meanwhile, I have plenty of work to get done here, if I can just get my brain to come online. I’m in recovery mode…