Ever Hopeful…

Hey. This week was weird. State testing is discombobulating. Plus I did two labs yesterday (always a mistake). And we had science teacher interviews (hopefully will turn out well), a literacy meeting (ugh, made me cry about training over the summer), a union meeting (long), and a whole host of other stuff that regularly makes me feel like I’m flailing AND failing. But there was a taco truck yesterday! That was nice. And it was nice to have lunch that we drove and bought and ate all together like normal people. So lots of pros sprinkled in there. Plus the stitchdown is coming along…slowly, but surely.

Wednesday night was more effective than last night though…I got about half the dirt done Wednesday…

The right side. I think I did more on Wednesday than I did on Tuesday. Then Thursday happened. I was at school until 4:30, went home, then drove up north for my stitching meeting, where I worked on something I can’t show. Then I came home and ate dinner really late and got about 30 minutes of stitchdown done…so I finished the upper part of the dirt where the eyeball flowers are, did the incubator (well, most of it), and started down the legs.

I wanted to be further along. But I’m not. Why do I want to be further along? Because it’s easier to find the energy and time to do pinbasting on the floor over the weekend than after teaching all day. Plus I need to clean the floor right before I do it. That’s a lot on a school night. But maybe tomorrow? I don’t know. I’ve got a baby shower in the middle of it. I need to make breakfasts for the next couple of weeks too. We’ll see. So far, I’ve done about 3 hours. So maybe I can do another 3 hours tomorrow? Some in the morning? Some at night? Plus hike? I don’t know. There’s other stuff that needs to happen too. Oh wait, I have tonight too…so if I do an hour plus tonight, I think I can pull it off. Clean the floor Sunday afternoon…um…Mother’s Day. OK. Um. Well. We’ll see. Hopeful. Ever hopeful.

This baby bunny…

Is sitting in the one part of the weeds that I weeded in this area so that the poor plant that is trying to grow there would have some space to do that. To its credit (the bunny, not the plant), it is eating the weeds around the plant and not the plant. I think. I need to do some weeding or whacking…or both. I don’t know when that is happening. I still don’t have next week planned for 8th grade and 7th grade has some wibbly wobbly going on perhaps maybe. Everything is so high maintenance at the moment. Probably including me.

Anyway. It is Friday, so that is a plus. Fossil layers and ecosystem services getting taught today. Make-up tests today, so I have to lose my lunch to that. I still eat; no worries. I just don’t get a break from kids. Then the only day all week I could do pilates was today after school, and it’s the higher level class. Might have been a mistake based on how tired I’ve been on Fridays lately. Ah well. It’s exercise. I’ll sleep well tonight. And stitching! I get to do that too. After I make dinner. That also may have been a mistake. Ah well. Stitching!

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