Remain Calm…

First of all, apparently we got 2.36″ of rain out here in East County yesterday. Only had one branch go down on my property. Not bad. The yard is a sopping mess, but that’s OK. I remembered to turn the sprinklers off. If you live somewhere super wet, shhh. Be quiet. There are some years when we barely get more than that. I think it’s done…I hope it’s done…I’m going camping in two days and don’t really want to slog through a ton of mud (but there will be mud, I’m sure). Certainly the night temperatures are going to be in the 30s…I’m hoping at least there’s no moisture to go with it.

Secondly, I finished grades. There were some issues on the day they were due. One kid was absent, so I couldn’t have a conversation about something where I think she got more help than she should have. My SECA is back from COVID…not sure that’s a good thing, unfortunately. The sub was more competent. Ah well. This year rocks from kind of sucking to really sucking. The last two periods of the day yesterday were really sucking. Today will be the same, probably, because we’re making them write, and writing is hard, and the little buggers fight it. Well. Then they will start the new trimester with an F, which is not what I want. Successes breed more successes. Their underdeveloped brains do not do well with failure or difficulty. I have said “We can do hard things” about 7000 times in the last two days, and it’s making me tired and cranky.

I then came home and was lesson planning, because I was panicking about 8th grade, but I think I’ve solved the end of the unit and got a healthy start on the engineering design project they’re doing next. I was going to go to the gym, but it was pouring rain and I was already slightly damp and I couldn’t deal with it. Unfortunately. I need the exercise. I also need the planning time, because originally, I was going to spend Friday planning because I have it off and the Man doesn’t, but then the Man was all worried about arriving at the campsite in the dark (I wasn’t) and took a half day at work, and now my work time has disappeared. Sigh. I still need to write warmups for next week and copy all the shit I need…I think I have this week’s stuff copied? Not sure. I have some prep time today, hopefully. I went in early yesterday to get a ton of shit done and then the copier wasn’t working and my computer battery was dying. It was a mess. A clusterfuck.

Anyway, I made myself stop working Monday night and last night at 9:30 to stitch binding…

Kitten likes it when I sit on the couch.

Last night, I found my thimble sticky things because I had a divot in my right middle finger from the needle.

I think I’m about 3/4 of the way around…still gotta do the sleeves after that. I was hoping to drop this with the photographer this weekend. Not happening. Maybe next weekend. Then start drawing dammit. I hate this school year. I have cried more about being overwhelmed than I have ever cried. OK, maybe my first year. I don’t know. It just sucks. Fucking sucks.

SO. Gonna make a new quilt. These two are hanging in Arizona for another week or so? Nah. Coming down after Sunday.

At the Tubac Center…mine are in the background of that beautiful purple person…I don’t know who or what any of these are. There’s an artist/juror talk Zoom on the closing day of the exhibit, Sunday the 13th, at 11 AM. I told them I might be in the car, but I’m registered for it. Hopefully I’ll make it. Even if I’m coming back from camping.

The PHES show closed yesterday…

I’m lucky to have a friend who is picking up my piece. Because IDK when I would do it.

Kitten doesn’t either…

She offered, but is a horrible driver. Can’t trust her. She’s distracted by bugs. And lizards.

Ah election day…

This is kind of how I feel with most of politics lately. Then you watch The Handmaid’s Tale and it’s all too real. Our local school board election has picked up a crazy nutbag. We are getting rid of one, so I guess that’s fair, but I’d rather have sanity prevail and I don’t think it will.

OK. Parent-teacher meeting this morning. Hoping to keep my brain where it needs to be while teaching, which today, is more like directing some sort of chaotic orchestra where about 20% learned their part and is quietly playing in the corner and the rest need help, and some of those are racing around the stage throwing water balloons at each other so I can’t actually help the kids who want it. Sigh. I mean that might describe my job on a regular basis, but it was definitely worse yesterday in the last two classes. I will remain calm. Even though I’m tired and stressed out. I will. Union meeting after that. Then maybe putting more divots in my fingers.

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