Some Deadlines..

Ah yes. The middle of the week. Hello. Panic time? Maybe. The gradebook looms not-so-gently over me, breathing down my neck. As always. Maybe more so this week, because I really don’t want to grade all weekend. I might have to, but I don’t want to. I need to get a little ahead in planning 8th grade too, because I’ll be camping next weekend with no cell service, so that just needs to be ready to go. Ha! I don’t know how that will magically happen, because I either have time to plan or time to grade, and rarely time enough for both. Hence the problem this year.

I still haven’t gotten bindings on either quilt. Two nights ago, after grading a bunch, I managed to START the label for my Quilt National quilt…

Did not finish it. Did not get it packed up yet. Need to ship it, but need time to get it ready. Tonight! IDK how I will ship Thursday, though. I’m booked. We’ll see. Maybe I can persuade someone here to drive it to the UPS Store. Ugh.

Last night, I went to the opera with a friend…an opera about Frida Kahlo…

They had a big party set up out front before it, but we mostly missed that…

It was a school night…

We ended up magically sitting next to one of our coworkers from school. She has a season pass. Surprising coincidence!

I’m hoping for more art tonight…my own stuff…it was cool to see actors dressed up as Kahlo’s paintings, and the one of Diego’s paintings that they reproduced with humans…also cool.

My work bag. And Nova.

There’s been a lot of cat activity: playing, sitting in things, all that stuff. With the other dog gone, they seem to be out and about, ready for fun.

The Man and I on Halloween, matching (not really) skellies…

Mine glows in the dark. Realized that when I went to bed. Fun stuff.

Halloween night sky…

Of course, today, it’s all clouds. Rain coming. It’s good; we need it.

Ugh. Tired. Lab today in 8th grade…I managed to tie strings through straws and attach them to chairs and handles yesterday afternoon. I’ll have to deconstruct it all before 7th grade comes in after lunch. AND eat. And pee. Plus hopefully fetch more lab stuff from the 8th-grade classroom across the quad, plus deliver back all the stuff I have in my room. And grade. Lots of that. I’m really looking forward to having a week off, although I’ll be taking home units to grade and other stuff. So yeah, it’s never quick and easy. At least I know what I’m doing in 7th grade, even though it’s hard, sometimes almost impossible. Ugh.

OK. Parent meeting this morning, other parent has been sorted. Labs and activity all day. Pilates. I am cooking dinner tonight. I’m also getting this quilt packed up. If there’s time after all that (and probably a little grading), I will happily sew bindings on…because this machine is going in to get cleaned on Monday, so I need the bindings on before then. It’s good to have some deadlines I might be able to meet.

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